Memorial, London and Fog

You all remember Groove blogging about his pal’s passing. Well this past weekend, seeing that he was in town, Groove and I and a couple of friends went to his memorial which was being held in London.

A gathering of family and friends in a London flat by the river, was a good way of remembering and celebrating his life. It was nice to see people come together to remember their friend and family member. After prayers, reading of his Eulogy and a few stories about Groove’s pal, we had something to eat and drink as we mingled amongst each other. I saw a few faces I already knew there.

Later on that night, we decided to head on the Central London. Word of advice, never drive into London, esp. the tourist hotspots like Leicester Square and expect to find parking at midnight. UTASHANGAA!!! Those traffics wardens work round the clock. There is nothing as bad as leaving the club only to find your means of getting home has a YELLOW BOOT. Anyway, we managed to get a parking spot ten minutes walk to the venue. Where did we end up? Moonlighting Nightclub in London’s Soho Area.

I have to say, my first experience in this joint was not at all pleasant, but since I was already there and after the parking incident…….I had to make the most of it and enjoy what was left of the night.

Being a basement joint meant it was going to be stuffy and hot(unbearable). Now it made sense when chics are dressed scantly. Here I was in jeans, boots and a long sleeved shirt. Was I feeling hot…..NO!!! I was really having the time of my life *rolling eyes*! And to think that celebs have rolled in this joint…..TSK TSK TSK!!

Ok….I am sure that most nights are not as bad as my first experience with the joint, but when it comes to recommending it to someone……lets just say I won’t be in a hurry to do so.

Did I mention that at one point when we were dancing, the ceiling was dripping on us?

Anywhoo……at around half past four, we were ready to leave. All sweated out, two bottles of water later and a cool breeze when we reached outside the club, madam was feeling hungry. Now this is where the disadvange of being a teetotaller kicks in……food vendors at that time of the night are basically a no-no. Just in case your are friends with the porcelain furniture at home… will have a clear reminder of where you got the food from. Luckily, there were bananas in the car from earlier in the day. Better than nothing I convinced myself as we headed home. As we hit the motorway, there was fog that was so thick that we decided to take a rest in one of the services stations thinking it would have cleared by dawn. We had not choice but to continue our journey in the thickness of it and I was glad that we all got home in one piece.

Sunday, I spent the whole day recovering from a busy Saturday by catching up with my sleep.

I just love this track…..RAH RAH RAH!!!

Baby Sham feat Alicia Keys – Ghetto Story (REMIX)

8 thoughts on “Memorial, London and Fog”

  1. Busy weekend for you! But sounds like it was fun!
    I agree with you about being in tourist spots in London at night-last night walked to Canary Wharf from Mile End ati sight-seeing-i was followed by 2 ominous looking asian hoodies…i know David Cameron said i should try hug them but aiii…
    instead i just took the bus back

  2. Dripping walls, dripping ceilings…the signs of a packed, hype, sweaty party, where the people will take stuff off. In my heyday I’d bring extra gear to rock after after sweating out a fierce party. One time I was spinning and the spot was so moist you could see the haze in the air, it was almost unbearable, but everyone was dancing. The dudes stripped down to the waist, chics were in their bras it looked like that old Nelly video. The mist got so bad the records got wet. But the folks were so crunk it didn’t matter when the records skipped they kept singing right along.

  3. @Luke….LOL@hugging hoodies. Unless you want to go back home in a box….go right ahead. I’d rather walk around with a pal and take the bus like you did if things got thick. Makes the experience much more better.

    @Aco….inabidi, seeing that I will back hitting the books soon. As for AC in the joint, whether it was on or off….same difference. Besides, I remember standing next to one and it didnt have much effect seeing that the bouncer chose to stand next to it as his vintage point.

    @Makanga….I said to myself, if I am going out and there is a chance I might find myself back there, I will wear undergarments that are decent enough for me to strip if things get heated. As for crowds singing along….the whole purpose of me including ‘Ghetto Story’ on this entry……what a tune!!!

  4. Hi Mocha,
    Just wondered about the sandles…I have a thing about shoes, can you explain the connection? Don’t smile it is just write it down, ha ha ha

    …I will get to see you one of this fine days, hopefully when you are bussy on selection, keep it up

    Lastly on a seriousless mode ditch the marmite thing it is so marmite! Have you seen their latest advert?

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