What’s New???

Well, on Friday night and Sato night, I get text messages from Jamu’ to listen to Capital’s CodeRed show (Friday) and Kiss F.M.’s Saturday night’s show. Fortunately, I managed to tune in to CodeRed, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tune in to Kiss F.M. via the web (KISS webmaster, can you please look into this…while you are at it, your site needs a serious update).

K-Dip aka Kenyan Diplomats (Balla, Dj Shaheim and Pharell) are in Nairobi promoting themselves and I have to say, they are really doing something out there despite the haters.

Word has it they have done interviews on the Pulse and Buzz pullouts.

Most of you may not know them or heard of them, but if you have managed to grab a copy of the Watu Wangu 1 and 2, they have tracks on these two projects.

I will know more about their Nairobi ‘tour’ on Monday, where I shall keep you posted.


Ohh….Dj Shaheim sent shoutouts to the rest of the K-Dip family on air….I was the first to be mentioned. (I just couldn’t help it….it had to be said lol)


5 thoughts on “What’s New???”

  1. Hi mocha
    i thought i was the only one who couldn’t listen to KISS online anymore-seems its been that way for ages
    congrats to K-Dip and to you on your shout out!normally i only listen to the EA Show before CodeRed, i’ll try and tune in though

  2. mocha, like the coffee, just not spelt the same…(tom hank’s green mile is stuck in my head), you go gal. make the waves and trailblaze for the rest.

    where can i get my hands on the aforementioned cds? ziko numetro?

    keep it up! yei yei!

  3. @luke….KISS a big company like that with one of the best laid out websites for Radio stations in Kenya and yet they can’t keep it up to date. What a shame??? TSK TSK TSK

    More on the K-Dip tour when they return to the UK.

    @modoathii….thanks for pitiaing one of my bomaz.

    As for where you can get the CDs….check out Wawesh’s site (link on my blog homepage) for details. Holla at him and he can send it to you. As for them being in Nu Metro….I dunno. Good idea if you pitia and ask them (that is if they have good customer service LOL)

  4. @Stwap….I don’t get it either. A big company that is run by misers!!! They don’t want to spend money and yet they can generate some through web hits. Lakini if its not regularly updated….how can this be???

    (KISS FM Kenya webmaster/management…I hope you are taking notes???)

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