Rugby: KENYA v AUSTRALIA (2006)

I know this clip is waaaaaaaaayyyyy overdue, but I finally got it edited and uploaded.

This my experience through my camcorder watching Kenya thrash Australia in the IRB Rugby Sevens in London, 2006.

  • Other clips: Kenya’s first game with England and Tunisia v New Zealand.
  • Clip soundtrack: Wawesh – ‘Poa’

The event details were highlighted here, here and here.

The footage is abit fuzzy and I forgot most of the time that I was holding the camcorder… bear with me on that one. I was too busy enjoying myself……it was one of the most exciting weekends I have had for eons.

Here is the clip……ENJOY!!!

Have a good day y’all!

Apologies to the fans who didn’t want to be seen…….without you this clip would not have been possible. Thank you for making Kenyans proud to be KENYAN. Bring On 2007!!!


4 thoughts on “Rugby: KENYA v AUSTRALIA (2006)”

  1. wawawawawaaaa! it feels so good watching kenya whoop some ass. i watched this with guys who don’t know a thign about kenya and now they treat me with some more respect after watching the bashing. keep it up kenya.

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