There is a debate brewing in the KenSoc Forum regarding an article written by Angela Ndambuki.

I suggest you log on now before the debate turns ugly and the post is deleted.

Miss Ndambuki went ahead and rated some of the most prominent Kenyan DJs in the UK and in my opinion, I think her ratings are way off mark. Who did she consult to come up with the conclusions as written on her article?

I think the one that hits a raw nerve the most, is the rating on Dj Edu.

DJ Edu (4 and a half Stars)

A widely respected Kenyan DJ in Africa and here. He is probably the only Kenyan DJ on a mainline Radio Station over the world. He has won awards, the most memorable being the Kenyan DJ of the year. However, I think that success has got to him and is reducing his wizardry. He is the only one who can give Collo a run for his money but he needs to find simplicity. Rumours have it that he is spinning more to a Zimbabwean crowd and less to a Kenyan one.

What has Dj Edu’s success got to do with him losing his wizardry? As far as I am concerned, he still the best there is. It is with his success as a Kenyan I am proud of him. It is such comments that make most of us who are trying to make it not want to be associated with Kenyans (with Angela’s ATT), as all they seem to want to do is drag you back down to their level of under achievement. So what that he plays for Zimbabweans? Kwani he has to be stuck in a rut of playing for Kenyans only? Besides, how are you to know how other crowds react to your music if the Kenyans you ‘love’ playing for are no longer there to support you. Let him play for the Zims….I will fuata him huko. I have met Dj Edu several times and he is my silent ‘mentor’………..he is the most humble person you shall ever meet. If that success has really got to him…..I am yet to see his big head not being able to fit through joint doors like those of Twilight or Club M.

As for the article……sawa, you went and wrote a whole piece of what you thought of the Kenyan Djs in the UK, but I think you made too personal. Judging by your parting shot, you already knew that……didn’t you?

As for me, that is my two cents. Let’s see what my readers think of the whole article and debate.

Over and out,

4 thoughts on “UK PEEPS – WHO IS THE HOTTEST DJ?”

  1. Nice blog u got here. I dont know much about Kenyan Djs in UK but I think Dj Zak is the best we have at the moment here in Kenya. He is sooooo much hiphop whic makes me rate him high

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