KROOKED LETTA – The Mocha! Review

Please note, I am not an experienced writer. So this entry has been made through my own observation and love for music.

Review by Mocha!

“…Wanasema huwezi jua mahali unaenda ka’ huji mahali umetoka…”

Njia Ndefu (Track 2 ‘Border Control’)

Well, I hope by the time I am done with this review, that question will be answered.

Shaun Osore aka Krooked Letta has a Promo CD, ‘Border Control’ out in circulation. In the pipeline, is his debut CD ‘NAIROBIZOWN’.

I listened to Krooked Letta’s Promo CD for his up and coming mixtape ‘Border Control’ and as far as first impressions go, I have to say I am impressed. The ‘Border Control’ snippet, a four track teaser had the tracks; Emergency, Njia Ndefu, Ridin’ 254 Remix and Immigrants Anthem, all potential club bangers in the Kenyan music scene. Tracks like Emergency and Immigrants Anthem have been laced with catchy beats and had me dancing to them as soon as I heard them.

Krooked Letta’s influence judging from his music has to be hip-hop. From the jump beats to the chilled out beats, his music has a way of drawing you in, to dance to the best or just chill out and listen to the lyrical content. I have listened to several Kenyans who are into the Hip Hop genre and in my opinion, clarity is the key. If your music is not balanced either lyrically or through your beats, I don’t think your fan base will expand until that is sorted.

Krooked Letta has managed to balance the two and I hope this new fresh talent in the Kenyan music scene will be around for a while. Building his fan base and giving us new music to listen to.

In his own words, Krooked Letta has answered a few questions about himself, his music and his goals.

Who are you?

I am Shaun Osore aka ‘Krooked Letta’. A singer/songwriter based in the UK.

So, when did you first discover your musical talent?

My musical journey began in 2003 in Nairobi, Kenya, where my first tentative steps into the industry were made. My passions was always in the inner working of music i.e. how records are put out, the creative process involved in developing artists, marketing, etc.

You have an entertainment company ‘Kreativ Mynds Ent. (K-Mynds). What inspired you to start your own company?

For a time I concentrated on the marketing side of the business, arranging a few concerts and working with up coming artists to provide them with an avenue to be heard. This gave me the opportunity to cut my teeth in the art of song writing. However, the mic kept calling me and I slowly began writing for myself. Before long over 100 songs had filled several rhyme books, it was time for me to hit the booth. I ended up setting up Kreative Mynds Entertainment as a vehicle through which I can enter and do business with. As a result, I have learnt PROFESSIONALISM is everything n this game.

How would you describe your musical style?

My style of music is what I believe will draw people’s attention. My wordplay and how I cleverly put lyrics together and the versatility I possess. I refuse to be pigeonholed as that takes away from the experience on offer to the listener. So I work diligently to maintain all these. Most importantly, I do it both in English and Kiswahili. Whether that counts as being bilingual, I’m not sure. I will have to get back to you on that one!

What are your goals when it comes to your music?

My ultimate goal is to be considered a great entertainer. At present, I am humbly content to being a rapper/songwriter/singer. My aim is not to ‘change the game’ nor is it to reinvent the wheel, but merely to produce heartfelt, quality music. I provide what may be classed as social commentary, but that des not make me ‘conscious’, just aware. One thing I can assure you is when you are an immigrant and make the transition from small country to the bright lights of the big city, believe me you got some stories to tell!!!

So, what should the public expect from Krooked Letta?

My debut LP “NAIROBIZOWN” is being cooked up in and I’m in the lab recording it in a frantic pace. 14 tracks detailing my journey, my ups and downs and provide an insight into my life and my story in general. Ride with your boy people! In the meantime, I am finalizing my mixtape “BORDER CONTROL” to wet appetites and open ears to the sound that cometh!

Are you planning a promo tour to let people know who you are?

Yes! The coming months will see me traversing different cities doing promo and making pit stops wherever I find a mic and speakers. I will be speaking for all like me that have a dream, but whether it is de to fear or for whatever reason have had that dream curtailed. After all, you have to chase our dreams at some point otherwise they end up running away from you. I’m trying to catch as many ears as possible and seeing as the average individual has two, that’s a lot of ears to try and catch. For now, you be the judge….

Well, you read it hear first. Check out Krooked Letta’s mySpace page for snippets to his mixtape. Also, watch this space for details of his debut album.



One thought on “KROOKED LETTA – The Mocha! Review”

  1. I’ve been following this guy’s music for a while and I have to say he has a way of writing lyrics that makes it sound like poetry. Am looking forward to his mix-tape and am sure he’s going to be hot on the scene very soon. Its easy to find oneself nodding to the melodic beats of “immigrant” and “Emergency”. If these are only two out of the 100 songs he has, then I guess we better be ready for a new Artist on the charts. Keep doing your thing Shaun.

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