ARCHER… are not alone!!!

I too have become a mySpace(r) and with K’Naan as one of my ‘mates’ he put up a video and I thought I should share with y’all, Archer especially.

Archer, even the big stars are getting the wrath of abuse that you have been getting, though not as bad yet similar. He went a step further and made it into a song. I hope that this helps send the message across, as the isolated cases are the ones that are breaking our society.

Just so you know, you are not alone and its is a shame this is happening in our society today. The question is, when will it all end?


Here is the direct link to the video:
K’Naan – Kicked Pushed


9 thoughts on “ARCHER… are not alone!!!”

  1. I totally love that song! I love that he spoke out about it. For goodness sakes, we are in the year 2006, you’d think people would have left stupid early man behaviours behind and become decent human beings, but no! This world needs a miracle

  2. Hey Mocha! I’ll check out the myspace links when I get to a faster comp. These ones for campus are ridiculously slow. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Cheers!

  3. @Kipepeo….fancy you gracing my blog. I hope you are well. That track is off the hook and it highlights a lot of issues regarding racism in our modern society. Its a same that the ill is still will us.

    @Archer…no problem.

  4. mocha!!! you didnt leave the link to your new one on the other one so I was kinda lost there for a while….but great that iv found you hehe!!! i shall be back….oh, because of this post I went and got K’Naan’s whole album….I initially just had like 2 songs, but the album is so lush!! I’m loving it!!!

  5. Hi there girl, it’s been a while since I ha my Mocha, what the deal is???

    Good to see you going strong and love the new look

    Indeed, Jivunie kuwa Mkenya….

  6. @kipepeo…LOL!!! K’Naan is a genius. I don’t like poetry, but his is so easy to listen too.

    @BJ…werrocome mback! The deal is, you were missed and hizo zingine…LONG STORY. Good to see you love the new look, had to be done for Autumn/Winter. Leta stori!!!

  7. K’naan is as real as they come. racist is also as real as the daylight. I just think our attitude to it is what helps us cope by the day. Archer’s story had me writhing with anger.

    It’s yet another day and amma face them again…. just donn step on my toes coz i feel the pain too. I wud make them feel what i felt.

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