Mocha! (Un)Plugged

It’s a good feeling to see your work out there. In my case, what I have blogged or edited or mentioned……………..all through this blogging experience medium.

  • My first plug was way back when I was still somewhat a blogging ‘mono’ and it was on KBW open blogs and it was an entry done by AfroMusing.
  • I then did an article about African artists and my girl – Chery Ice – was in the cover of Mimi Magazine. She went and plugged my article on her website (under the news section).
  • In the sporting world, excerpts of my account during the IRB Rugby tournament in London have been highlighted in a report/review of that weekend by (Please note that the report is in PDF format)
  • On that same weekend, I vowed not to let such events pass without video footage. I posted clips of Pilipili and Juacali live on stage and in return they put up these videos on their mySpace pages. (I just hope these are the real artists and not fan pages, as this happens alot on mySpace)
  • Last but not least, my latest footage of the rugby tournament in London has been featured on KenyaMoto this week.

Well, there you have it. There may be others that I am not aware of and I would like to say thank you for the support.

It is stuff like these that make blogging not to turn out to be a bad experience afterall.

So, why, where and when was your first plug?

Have a timam weekend y’all!!!

Side Bar 

Weekend plans: To see K’naan live. More about it next week if I get to go. Laters!


5 thoughts on “Mocha! (Un)Plugged”

  1. I hope you make it to see Knaan. Unforgettable experience. He is the coolest rapper south of the sahara, neeh make that the whole blinking universe.

    Your work is filled with passion and fun, keep it coming!

  2. @Alexia….poa sana! I am glad you enjoyed the links. I will try to stay plugged.

    @AfroM…K’naan was off the hook. More about it later. Thanks for the compliment. 😉

    @Acolyte…sure dosen’t. And there is more to come, that’s for sure!


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