K’Naan in Birmingham – 2006

I attended K’Naan’s gig in Birmingham, part of his European tour. More of how I got on can be read on my other blog.

The gig had a small intimate gathering of Birmingham residents and a few outsiders like myself. It kicked off with a group called Strange Fruit Project (I remembered their name). They are a rap group from the USA. Then were then followed by a guy called Umi who is also a rapper from Alabama (USA).

After alot of waiting and African timing, K’Naan came on stage to a very welcoming crowd. Armed with a laptop, a guitar and two drums and three band members, the gig kicked off. I was busy absorbing his words and music, while at the same time operating two digital cameras and a camcorder (Dj Edu, where are my pics and pay check – lol).

I have to admit, I am not a poetry fan, but if it is recited the way K’Naan recites his poetry through music and crowd participation……then I am getting hooked. My favourite has to be LOVE. Check out K’Naan’s mySpace for a clip.

I truly haven’t got much to say other than, if you get a chance to see K’Naan live….please do. It is an experience worth you being there. His live CD does not do him justice. You just have to be there in the flesh.

Here are the pics (live clips later)!


5 thoughts on “K’Naan in Birmingham – 2006”

  1. @Makanga….for a change, I was pleased. At least the music is reaching the masses. Not just the African peeps…ama?

    @Aco…I did have a ball.

  2. @ill will…I have already done so and I have put up a clip of them on stage before K’Naan came on. Thanks for passing by though!


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