Out on My Own

My weekend turned out to be filled with activity…..ok…..on Saturday. Sunday was a day of recovery.

For some reason, I was feeling abit anxious and nervous.

First and foremost, I have been looking for a place of my own for awhile now and having found that, I snapped it up. My own digs…yaani, my own bathroom and kitchenette. No more sharing. It came at a good rent price which I am happy with. Only down side is that the washing machine is communal. So, I have to disinfect the machine every weekend when I do my laundry 😦 . Getting a place bila bills to pay is a tough nut to crack, but I did it and as a start, I am proud of myself. So, hopefully this will be a stepping stone for me get a much better place with more space. For now, it will have to do.

After signing the contract and handing over the rent plus deposit, I got the keys to my new diggs. That feeling is just *speechless*  aaaiiiiii……wacha tuu!!! I spent a whole half an hour in there just getting the feel of the place. AAAHHHH bliss……no more, waiting in line to use the toilet or kitchen. My space, my mess!!! The list is just too long…..I just thank God for the patience, coz we all know how sharing can be, especially when your housemates are shyte!!!

Enough of that……

Later on in the evening as I mention in my previous blog entry, I arranged to go and see K’Naan live. On Saturday night, he was performing in Birmingham at a joint called The Drum. My trip to Birmingham was just full of mishaps and adventure, but I enjoyed every little bit of it.

Mishap #1: I missed my train to Birmingham and had to wait a cool hour for my next train. The train I took was not a direct train, so I had to change at Coventry. Luckily, I text Dj Edu and he put aside a VIP ticket for me (the friends in higher places 😉 ). Doors open at 9 p.m. Mocha!’s train was at 7.30p.m, connecting train at 8.10p.m. – will I make it in time????

Mishap #2: Reached Birmingham at 8.45p.m. I reached the taxi rank and I was second in the queue. When I got into the cab, the fare was £6. Mocha! was £2 short and there was no ATM on route. So, I had to get off the cab and get money from the ATM’s at the station. It took me literally a minute, but by the time I got back to the queue, it had like ten peeps. So I had to queue again and the cabs came in slow(I later found out there was a strike). Managed to get the the venue some minutes to nine. I got my ticket from reception only to be told the doors have not opened yet. Talk about African timing!!! I was glad though as I had time to catch my breath.

Anyways, they finally announced that the doors were open. I headed inside the auditorium and found my way to the DJ area, where Dj Edu was busy playing some African tunes to get people in the mood. Most of the crowd was white and of course the handful of Somalis who live in Birmingham. The rest were Afro-Caribbean peeps and one or two African individuals like myself.

More about the gig will be on my other blog as a review of the event. Let’s just say, I had a swell time.

After the gig, I stayed back so I could meet K’Naan as Dj Edu was his UK tour Dj. In the meantime, I was busy catching up with him (Edu), meeting K’Naan’s manager and some other dude who was part of the entourage. Ohhhh…I was busy taking pictures too (how could I forget to mention that, but you all knew that already). They are a really nice bunch of people. It was at this time I realised that the haters of Edu are just that…HATERS!!! This article is one example. You only have to see him in action to realise why he is where he is. Hard work and ignoring negative attitudes along the way.

Anywhoo……I finally got to meet K’Naan, he signed my CD copy of his live performance and a picture taken of me meeting him. He is really down to earth and humble as far as first impressions go. I have always wanted to meet someone famous and K’Naan, to be honest, is my first international celeb to meet. It is abit intimidating since he has toured with the Marleys, but I was surprised at how calm I was. After that, the night was officially over.

I tell a lie…..

Mishap #3: How was I going to get home at 1.30a.m. The last train was at 11p.m. or midnight and the first train out of Birmingham was at 10a.m. I managed to get a ride to the nearest National Express bus station and after enquiring about the next bus home, I was told it would be at 3a.m. I was at the bus station at 1.45a.m. That was a cool one hour wait for the bus. Ohhh…..I was also told that chances are I might not get on the bus as it was an airport bus enroute to my diggs and you had to have advance tickets in order to board. I decided there and then, that I was going to chance it. So, I went and sat down in the waiting room, put on my mp3 phone and listened to some tunes as I waited for the bus.  The bus turned up on time and after speaking with the driver, I managed to get an emergency ticket off him – PHEW!!! One and a half hours later, I was at my destination, but not yet home. I had to call for a cab, which was a tad bit late. The chill of an Autumn morning was not even funny, but my cab eventually arrived and I was home close to 5a.m. in the morning.

As I placed my tired body on my bed, I just relaxed and reminisced as to how much fun I had on my ‘own’ despite the above mentioned. I went to sleep with a smile on my face and thanked God for a good weekend and for getting me home safe.


15 thoughts on “Out on My Own”

  1. I always pendad DJ Edu when he used to saidia DJ Pete at Cactus. Old timers can remember that almost all the homeboys used to spin for an hr or so coz DJ pete was the resident DJ at Cactus. As for his mix that I heard on BBC, that mix is off the hinges. Plus dude has a very chonjo wife. Wont hate on that.

    weee, why am I not in your blog mate listing. ebu wacha jokos. I thought we were tight like white on rice

  2. One thing is for sure, you go hard!

    Edu one of the original Homeboyz is an icon. They literally had to to make him stop doing those DJ compez coz he was too nice for the rest of them and used to hold it down at Cacto. He set the tone for what the Homeboyz became.

    Enjoy your new place.

  3. @Udi…you are one to talk. OOPPPsss, ma bad…I can see I am not the only one not on your blogroll. I still got love for you mate!

    As for Dj Edu, he will always be up there for me when it comes to Djs from the motherland. His wife is very hott. Humble too and doesnt penda bullshit.

    @Makanga…Edu is definately an icon. I will definately enjoy my new diggs. Thanks!

    @Princess….Thanks! I did have a good time.


    @maza….yep!!! total freedom indeed. Now I can cook and clean the house ndethe. BLISS!!!

  4. you lucky one you!!! you’ve got yourself a bachelorette pad…I want…then you went and so K’Naan…I want!!! Oh travel adventures in the uk….i won’t even start!!! Hope ur well rested by now. that was a long trip.

  5. Mocha you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth! I’m moving out solo this weekend and I can’t wait to have my own fridge, bathtub and toilet! This maneno of sharing a digz with guys with unhygienic tabiaz…I’ve had enough. And I’m looking forward to having my privacy FINALLY! Anyway I’ll blog about it kesho.

    Congrats for meeting a real down to earth celeb. Such things don’t really move me coz most “celebs” are so vain and pompous, only a few remain the same after the fame.

  6. @Kipepeo…wapi??? I am busy packing my junk to squeeze into my kacrib. Trying to figure out what to keep and throw away is a task in itself. Majority are just to sentimental. Si you come and help 😉

    @Archer…hear hear!!! Can’t wait to read your blog about it. As for meeting celebs, I have always wanted to meet them and see what the fuss is really about. Such things don’t move me too, but its nice to experience the overrated hype behind meeting these entities. LOL!!!

  7. a chile after my own heart. Now I am at the bottom. But I wont take offense since its alphabetical. yaani why does my name have to start with U.

    I am bila clue on how to weka blog names on mine. I am IT deficient.

  8. Me I am not shy to ask for directions. Question is when I will get time to kalia all the work required to make my blog look customer friendly. I am still on the first template of Blogger yet people moved to sijui version 7.0

  9. Congrats on the new digs! I thought I used to have an adventure when I decide to go to ATL via public means but yours has won!
    There are so many twists and turns that I cant keep up at all!It is only a matter of time till you start taking planes to get home!
    Once again it’s great to have your own place, that i sone thing I am looking forward to coz having roomies isnt always fun at all!

  10. @Aco…LOL at taking the throne of javoing exploits.

    As for the gig, a Kenyan showed up to the one I went to….ME!!! As for the rest, I can’t speak for them.

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