I am still recovering from this past weekend’s shinanigans.

I need a masseur ASAP. My neck, back, shoulders, etc need to be seen to (Note to self: don’t go to exhibition and then clubbing and then move house).

Eligible applicants only.

Lazy ass mo’fos NEED NOT APPLY.

I will be back with the results and vibe about what happened over the weekend.

I am still around, just lazy at the mo’ and bila ProAccount to share pics *hint hint* (since wordP doesnt support


2 thoughts on “ARE YOU ELIGIBLE?”

  1. I sure am! Have you tried embedding the slide? If not just toss the url to the slide and we’ll go to to see it. Anyway wacha I go and buy the baby oil! I’ll be back!

  2. He he…Mochalicious, Masseur right hurr. Nice to see you again. You were looking timam..I forgot to tell you. The rave lakini was a bore kiasi ama? Keep in touch.

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