MacExpo 2006, Kenyatta Day Gig and Moving House

Boy oh boy oh boy…….what a weekend it was!!! I am still in ‘zombieish’ mode as my body is still aching as evidence. Mpaka, I was contemplating my decision about not boozing so that I could soothe ’em misulis (muscles) with a shot of the strong stuff. Lakini a nice ‘hot’ shower in my new diggs did the trick (temporarily). I am still after a massage. Those ones that make you relax and sleep like a baby mpaka chee!!! Any takers???

Aki I am digressing vibaya……ama its a case of telling this story back to front….LOL!!!

Saturday morning, woke up by 7am with a plan of carrying some of my belongings enroute to London and drop them at my kacrib. Wapi??? Having slept at twoish trying to declutter my shyte, that plan was soon put to the back burner and proceeded to jikokota as I prepared my outfits for the day and the following day since I had packed most of them away. Anyway, I wasn’t going to the expo solo this year and I finally managed to liase with my pal Klaweru. We were to meet at Kensington Olympia.

Got there at around 1pm, we went inside the place and it was buzzing with activity. We hit several stands that had cool stuff. Klaweru was shopping for a MacBook where I was shopping for an SLR camera and software for my iMac. I was disappointed that Canon was not present. I really wanted to test run the EOS 350 or 400D digicams, but I got some good prices at one of the stands that was selling them. Unfortunately Fortunately, I was broke. At one stand, they had this really cool gadget called the iVinyl, that converted all of your vinyl (read: records) into digital files. It even had software include for your to be able to remove any background noice and crackle. It is pre-amped as well. Will I invest in this gadget? UUhhhmmm, maybe!

Google, who wasn’t present last year, was this year. We sat down for one of their presentations regarding Google Earth and I was amazed how far it has gone. It is purely amazing and at the same time scary.

We also stopped by the HP stand where we printed some pics off my digicam and the new printer is really cool if you have bluetooth. No need for wires or software to connect for example your phone to the printer. All you do is just switch on your bluetooth and send pic to print. Technology huh???

Anywhoo…..since wordpress don’t support, you will have to view the pics via

Anywhoo, we decided that we had had enough, so we had lunch/dinner and then headed to my pals place to chill and change to go out later.

The journey from West London to East London was a nightmare. We set off at 10ish and we got there after midnight. We were stuck in traffic the better part of the journey due to road works… was a nightmare. 

At the joint where the Kenyatta Day gig was being held, it was good to see lots of faces I hadn’t see in a long while (since rugby). To be honest though, the event was a tad bit boring……like there was something missing, but hey, I was there, so I made the most of it. The disappointing bit is that I never got to play a set (long story) and I was tired by 4. Mostly due to the fact that I was on my feet since 7am and I was moving right after the gig.

Like any Kenyan gig, drama never goes amiss. Lets just say a chic was touched unappropriately, a fight broke out and cops were involved. At one point before the cops showed up, threat of bundukis was in the air, but none were produced. All this was happening as I was outside trying to get some shut eye before I headed for home to get my stuff together. 

Let’s just say the gig day ended on a low as my pal got me all worked up. Ati we were to go to someone’s digs to feed before I headed back to get my stuff. I was like bilas, I will catch the train back and that is what I did. Later on I found out they ended up staying until the following day which was Monday.

Anywhoo, I finally managed to get back in good time and with the help of another pal of mine who had borrowed a van for me to use, let’s just say we were done in 5 hours.  The hard bit was carrying my stuff up the flight of stairs. I almost threw my telly away…..didn’t know that thing was so bloody heavy. Funny bit… was the first thing I plugged in when we were done unloading the van. 

At the moment, I am still unpacking and enjoying the place. The peace and time to myself, I shall cherish because I have this funny feeling it will be shortlived.

Edit: 03/11/06

Kenyatta Day Pics are out courtesy of

Click here for K-Day pics. Here and here for other random pics (just thought I share).


13 thoughts on “MacExpo 2006, Kenyatta Day Gig and Moving House”

  1. Looks like that was a well earned shower! Hiyo massage hakuna mtu karibu to indulge you?

    Your weekend was as jam packed as mine. At least my Sato. Sunday was more chill, just walking about taking pictures.

    Talking of pics, I see you are a Canon gal. The SLR I am contemplating getting is the Nikon D200. I thought kidogo of the D2X, but when I saw a price tag of $4,500, I say BILA! The top of the line Canon is almost double that at $8,000! Yaani I have to be a serious professional to even think of parting with money for that.

    What is it with raia and domez? Why can’t people congregate without resorting to violence? Kenyans!

    Good for you on the move. Don’t think too much about it being short lived or what have you. Just enjoy the moment. The future will take care of itself.

  2. Hi Mocha!
    Thanks for your “report” on Mac Expo-it was interesting. thanks to you (again!) i’ve found 2 more useful websites-google earth and Mac Expo(not kenyan this time though!)
    Looking at Nairobi on Google Earth, it looks so well organized from above!(or is it just my own imagination?)if you get time, check it out, let me know what you think!

  3. @egm…Canon damu (lakini rolling a Fujifilm coz i got a deal). True about parting with such kind of chums. When my pics start selling, then the chums will buy any upgrades.

    As for the move….I am enjoying it for the longest time. Shame about the no one close to massage, I would have said a really BIG THANK YOU with a smile to boot 😉

    @luke…you are most welcome. I have already seen the nairobi one and i think that pic was take when things were looking good in Nai. LOL!!! Some scary stuff though that google earth, huh???

  4. @Mocha!
    I think Nairobi looks better from above than on the ground!Shame!As for Mombasa’s well..(looks like a desert)!:-)
    I’m thoroughly impressed with google! i didn’t know about this earth project of theirs, but i knew about their human genome project and their plan to make available online all the books in the world ever written
    next time i’m @home and someone gives those directions of “just go there, then turn like this, then keep going,keep going,keep going mpaka that BIG tree, u know that BIG tree?” i’ll just smile, thinking of Google Earth
    (can i return the favour-don’t laugh if you already knew this website

  5. @Mocha!
    Eh,I bow down to Mocha!
    In future, i will never (EVER) try that again -i’ll leave that to you!
    Keep posting the good stuff :”>

  6. @Luke….keep trying, you might pull one out of the bag and surprise me. Don’t give up.

    @Makanga….Glad they didn’t come out too.

    @Aco…OK! Thanks for dropping by!

  7. @aegeus…your comment is still here. I just to approve it since you havent commented on my blog before.

    As for the Mac thingy….I love it. Disappointed though that mine has been downgraded to a very expensive typewriter aka I am bila internet.

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