Man U still on top of the table…SWEET!

Chelsea being beaten by Hotspurs…SWEET!

New Zealand twangaing England…SWEET!

Bored on a Monday…NOTHING NEW THERE!

How was your weekend???

10 thoughts on “SWEET!!!”

  1. Weekend was quiet. For a change! Jana I decided the most taxing bit of work I would do would be trying to decide whether to walk to the fridge or to the living room for exercise (after two weeks of nonstop walking!). So I just BUMMED out major. And this week with it’s mihang’os has started out busy again.

    Yeah to NZ charazaing England!

  2. yeees…

    man u juu zaidi. fergie’s 3rd generation has finally matured. with one of our best ever starts to the premiership, i doubt whether the roman revolution will be able to deal with our manenos this season …
    can’t wait 4 our game with jose’s boys at old trafford coming soon …we’ll twanga them…
    i think we need 2 make a bid 4 aaron lennon … in anticipation of giggsy’s retirement, one can only imagine what damage will be wrought on the opposition with ronaldo on the left and lennon on the right … 2 much speed, add the speed of saha and rooney’s raw strength … we’ll do another treble …

    united juu zaidi…

  3. @Udi…tuko pamoja!!!

    @Kenya Analyst….why the quick change from Arsenal to Gunner….si I thought they are one and the same? HHHmmmm…ama you don’t want to be the butt of the joke (pun intended)…LOL!!!

    @M…..Carter did rock the crowd. He was just brilliant. OOOOHHHHH…how I would have loved to be inside Twickenham at the time.

    @egm….ati two weeks of non-stop walking??? I am glad some of you peeps have that energy. For me the fridge will do just fine.

  4. Mocha, it comes from having an office 4kms away from the bus stop, so if I don’t get a ride, I walk. But it’s plenty fun (yup, seriously, no eyes rolling here :)). N’ways, I like it for the exercise.

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