Tuesday Randomness

Can someone please remind me why we celebrate Christmas, in other words its significance? This news item really buffled me. Quite literally, the stamping out of the Christian theme from postage stamps during the festive season. Oh, how I miss when Christmas was about family and friends getting together and just having a good time…….to celebrate the Birth of Christ. Now it is a case of making money and who will get what present.

Should public spitting be made illegal? I find this act disgusting. The other day I was at the bustop and a group of four young lads were standing in a circle. On the floor in the middle of this circle, it was quite damp. Standing there and having to face them as the bus I was waiting for was coming from that direction, I soon discovered why. An alternate spitting fest after every sentence uttered. To be honest, after a while you begin to notice yourself the urge to spit and not swallow. EEWWW!!!

On to pleasant stuff, I finally managed to get the artist name that has been buggin me for months.

This is a man who is talented beyond words.

I present to you Raul Midon.

Here is a clip of him explaining how he gets to play an acoustic guitar like a whole band and the other of him playing the whole song “State of Mind”. Enjoy!!!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Randomness”

  1. It’s not just there. Last year there was a huge brouhaha in Boston when some people proposed switching from calling it a Christmas Tree to a Holiday Tree. This was in reference to the tree donated by Nova Scotia for the annual lighting ceremony in Boston. Fortunately reason prevailed, and Christmas Tree it was. Personally, I don’t say “Happy Holidays” as most people do. I sema Merry Christmas. For that is what it is.

    As for public ejection of oral fluids, well, let’s just say I agree with you kabisa in it’s disgusting nature! I too have been subjected to something similar to what you experienced, this time from a group of smokers who did it after every other puff.

    Asante for the clips. I love acoustic guitar. Check out LAGQ and CGTrio

  2. Hi there licious, Christmas time for family gettogethers and party to celebrate Christ, duh, eat all you can eat, duh..

    Great music and stay warm.

  3. Okay, I skilizad the music when I got home (youtube is blocked at work), and it is superb! I have just found me a new artist I like. Asante Mocha!

  4. @Luke…LOL!!! Nice try!

    The first one I already have among my favourites, the second one I didn’t have. The third one doesn’t work and the fourth is bila ‘content’. Nice try though…clap for yourself.TIHIHIHIHIHIHI!!!

    @BJ…..that is what I thought too!

    @egm….you are welcome!

  5. @Mocha!
    I bow down!!!I searched and searched and searched!that’s it from me:-)
    let me go post on ….”HOW CLEVER YOU LOT ARE”!

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