THE WEEKENDER – It Starts Here

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Here are some great tunes to get you started.

Fedde Le Grande – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Club Banger and UK #1)

Bodyrox feat. Luciana – Yeah Yeah

Armand van Holden – My My My

Chocolate Puma – Always and Forever (DANG…the brother is FFYYYNNNNEEE!!!)

Solu Music feat. Kimberlee (A Hed Kandi track – My favourite music genre label)

Roger Sanchez – Another Chance (One of America’s finest Dj’s in this genre)

Chanel – My Life (Another fine tune from Hed Kandi)

Infernal – From Paris to Berlin

Bootie Luv – Boogie2Nite (I like this cover version)

Benni Benassi – Satisfaction (The is a CLUB BANGER. Doesn’t sound like much here but in a club with laser lights….WOW!!! You have to experience it to know what I am talking about.)

Have a nice weekend Y’all!!!


3 thoughts on “THE WEEKENDER – It Starts Here”

  1. Hi Mocha!
    Thanks for the music!(no websites this time, eh?)lol
    The group known as Bootie Love(or Luv)-are they not the chicks who used to be in the rap group “Big Brothaz”?
    looks that way to me

  2. Sasa Luke,

    I did a double take the other day on that video and yes, those are the chics from Big Brothaz.

    As for bila sites….keep it here!!! You will wishing you didn’t type those words. Ngoja tuu!!!

  3. Hi Mocha,

    First I’m still trying to figure out how this missed me for soooooooo long. Love the music – you. me. rave. Tell me time and place.

    Mhmm, on that note, I need to go Pavementing soon..

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