ALA?!!!…Its Friday Already

WWWAAAA…this week has gone by so fast, ama its just me???

Leo since its a chill out-mode day, I will just kidogo rumble on. Don’t get bored woishe. If you think you will, click here….!

Have you ever thought about this? What you ate for dinner last Wednesday? What you wore on the 14th August 1999? Where you were ten years ago today? Well, Yahoo have a Time Capsule, but it has been closed now. Did you participate? If you did, what did you put in it? Do you think the idea is a great one?

I was rummaging through my favourites list the other day and there are some interesting websites that I saved, but rarely visit. Like this one, where you can watch African music 24/7.  Nomadic Wax, where they feature various artist from the continent and you can purchase some of the music. Ngomamotovibes – An online radio station from EA. Playing music mostly from TZ, but Kenyan and Ugandan music is also featured. More later on.

Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock are one of my favourite comedians. Here are a few (music video) clips that are just hilarious.

Dave Chapelle as R Kelly

Chris Rock – Champagne

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Peace! 😉


7 thoughts on “ALA?!!!…Its Friday Already”

  1. The week has flown by, that’s for sure. And I am psyched since next week is a short 3 day week for us stateside folks.

    Thanks for the links, I’ll be sure to check them out.

  2. I have The Chapelle dvd and it never fails to crack me up.I’ll take a look at those sites.Kenyan music always comes first for me no matter how far they have to go!

  3. @Shiroh….I too like TZ music, lakini it can get kidogo monotonous. Chris Rock is the business. I put on his DVD when I got it. Let’s just say I was laughing from start to finish.

    @egm….there you go again ringaing ati you have a three day week. ABESHE!!!

    @Aco….Still enjoying the Block Party one. 😉 He is a laugh.

    @Luke…LOL!!! You are welcome. tihihihihihi!!!

  4. Mocha, I have decided I shall from henceforth cease any and all such proclamations as to cause your dinsinclination to associate in any way, shape or form with me as a result of my unending seemingly boisterous aggravation of yourself. Kwa hivyo hata the recounting of the super mwenjoyo of last weekend will have to chill mpaka a time as can be ascertained it is safe to do so 🙂

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