All I Need is CONFIDENCE and other news…

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I have really neglected my musical side….aka Djing! Yet, to my surprise, I found out with more practice, I can hold it down.

The other day, my silent mentor let me spin a few tracks at a ‘new’ watering hole for Kenyans in C.London. It really felt good, but at the same time I was nervous wreck. Later on that evening, I got a chance to spin again in another gig in E.London. It was here that my realisation regarding my confidence really hit home. I need to do something about it quick. One thing that struck me is how much Djs these days don’t use vinyl. I prefer them to CDs, but when I comes to shifting them from one place to the other they can be a pain. So, this is one piece of equipment I will invest in to save me the trouble of hauling boxes(tonnes) of vinyl up and down different gigs (when I get to that stage).

Who said being in the creative sector was going to be cheap?

I try as much as possible to turn into a sponge during these opportunities. Turning it into a learning experience and getting tips and tricks of the trade along the way. You would be amazed how much information you can gather and still have fun.

Better late than never, above is a pic of my first solo set-up I did when I played music at my pals Birthday party (first paragraph) a few months back. I had a blast and can’t wait to do it again.

Moving on….

Kaysha has a new album coming out this month. Check out some of the songs on his mySpace page

Seems to me the Kenyan music industry has alot of work cut out for them. If recent articles on pulse magazine are to go by, it’s only a matter of time before some real progress is achieved and witnessed. Click here, here, here and here for the articles. Click here and here for blogger debates. What do you think?

My pal, Dj Shaheim has dropped his fourth mixtape instalment – Grind 4.0. I will try and see if he can put some of his mixes up online and how most you can get a copy. Here is how the cover looks like, just in case you spot it somewhere.

More news on the music scene as I see it coming soon….

….until then, stay entertained and enjoy life to the full.




3 thoughts on “All I Need is CONFIDENCE and other news…”

  1. Mocha –

    Found your blog through marazzmatazz (Maza!) post about my missing in action. Thanks for the encouragement – havent felt much like writing but its coming back now.

    DJing on the other hand. Aiya. I know what you mean about the feel of vinyl yet the portability. Dj Adrian was just in Vancouver and I noticed he’s still spinning vinyl when he can.

    I love flipping between my scratched up Luo 45s and dropping some digital laden basslines via serato scratch. The two were made to go side by side. No need for extremists of either variety.

    So Im headed to London to see some friends and my girl Rene. Where can we catch you playin records? Should I bring my laptop and then I can throw some tracks down as well?

    Im djing tonight here: (Scroll to CAP AIDS Vancouver event)

  2. @fisher…finally. Out of the woodwork I can see! Where have you been and what have you been up to? Keep us post through your blog…au?

    @kaysha….I will hold on to your offer. Thank you! Let me holla at you when I am ready.

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