HOO HOO HOO and all that jazz…

….afterall, this is the season to be jolly!!!

The lights are out, the shoppers are out, but where is the cold? Not that I am complaining, but if your ‘bodyclock’ knows its time for baridi, then it is time for baridi.

Its flipping December and I can count the number of days I have used my gloves, scarf and wolly hat. Hii global warming is some scary shyte?

So, what have I been up to? Bonyeza hapa for details.

What will I be doing over the holidays? Early days. Plan is to chill at a pals’ digs with a ‘small’ collective of friends, like I did last year. Repeat performance but with different strategies….LOL!!!

I thought I return from my mini hiatus, lakini blogging mojo is still lacking.

After battling a cold, adjusting to living solo and other commitments……I feel rather down in the dumps. I will blame 80% of it to the season, the other 20% to sheer loneliness. Chambele can do that to you. I have to admit, I am a sucker for companionships and relationships. I will leave it there!

Wawesh has revamped his website…..its looking really dope. A forum has been added for good measure.

*Brain content running low ABORT NOW!*

Meanwhile, enjoy these tracks from my favourite house/dance label – Hed Kandi


Chanel – My Life
Bootie Luv – Boogie Tonite
Solu Music feat Kimberlee – Fade
Moloko – Bring It Back
Tom Novy feat Michael Marshall – Your Body


10 thoughts on “HOO HOO HOO and all that jazz…”

  1. I hear you kabisa on the weather front. My kofia and gloves are underused. This week I have used them, but last week, it was almost summertime on Friday! And leo temps have gone back up. Like you, I am not complaining. The only thing is the inconsistency is a mess for the body!

    Pole for the dumps downer feeling. Hopefully you will jump back into the kawa feelings realm quick.

  2. Pole bout the baridi chica. That is one thing that will make it so that I never pass by hukos in winter.Good luck with the next spinning engagement.
    As for the loneliness thingy pole sana, I think since I am an introvert I cope rather well; that is why the stato experience hasnt been that bad for me. I’m sure things will improve, keep your head up!

  3. @Luke…boss you are early. Thanks all the same!


    @Aco…any tips on the introvert thing? Thanks for the confidence boost. I definately need it!

  4. Thinking of hanging out by myself this Christmas but it is still in my head. Pole about the pseudo baridi, stay warm. Living solo is my strong point, nothing better than that!

    Happy holidays!

  5. Thank you the Licious, thank you… Hey you have kept me going during that 1st year..

    Hey it’s cold here, keep warm and enjoy the holidays girlfriend.

  6. @Stephen….I hope so too!!! As for Flickr, I have put up more pics, but I need a ProAccount. I have exceeded my 200 pics limit! LOL!

    Happy Holidays to you too!!!

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