TGIF – Mocha! Style

….or so I thought!

I have been so busy today, for a moment I thought I missed the weekend and it was Monday! I think I deserve a drink, dont you?

Oh, snap!

I stopped boozing almost three years ago (Jan 1st I will hit the three year mark)!

So for those who make resolutions and don’t stick to them….shame on you! TSK! TSK! TSK!

This weekend will see us Kenyans (and TZs) being entertained by these dudes, this guy and this one too! Special guest appearances and loads of Kenyans and TZs! I will bring you all the ‘news’ next week kama kwaida!

So just in case I forget next week…..HAPPY JAMHURI DAY!!!

I am off to have one of these and kesho I will be high on these and the drivers tipple!

Have a nice weekend!

p.s. To all of you having exams…..your success cards are on the way! Akina Aco na Kipepeo! Someni kwa nguvu and good luck!


4 thoughts on “TGIF – Mocha! Style”

  1. Resolutions! Way to go on the booze one. Hawa wote wengine wakilewa you and I can OD on juice.

    I had a moment just like yours juzi. I was napping on the bus on my way home when I started dreaming ati I was on the bus going to work in the morning. Didn’t I amka with a cold sweat from that nightmare!

  2. I second egm on the tipple. Red bull for life! I think i have managed to make a passable attempt at keeping mine, just barely!

    Enjoy your weekend too, have fun!

  3. Enjoy yourself! As for me the next time I hanye with Kenyans may be new year’s or graduation time. So enjoy or the two of us!Otherwise thanks for the good wishes, let me get back to masomo!

  4. @egm…ati pia wewe ni Mr No Booze?? Nice one 😉
    LOL @ your dream!

    @aegeus….passable attempt not accepted…tihihihhi!
    Weekend details coming soon!

    @aco…you are welcome!

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