Jamhuri Day ’06 Event – A Mocha! Special (Pt1)

This my account of the days’ events as they happened through my eyes, camera and camcorder. My opinion may differ from others and may not please alot of people. Afterall, aren’t we entitled to one? So, if you think you won’t like what you read here, please visit this website and have a nice day!

Now, where do I even start?

I decided to go for this year’s Jamhuri Day celebrations for a change. Despite not attending one since 2003, I made sure I never missed this one.

As I didn’t have a ride to the venue, which in a way was kinda convinient, I took my bus and train to the gig venue. Stratford Rex is an ideal venue for people who intend on drinking and don’t want to drive. The train and bus station are walking distance. The only downside is that, if the event ends at 4 or 5 in the morning, you are in funk coz the first train is at 7. Unless you are up for taking the night buses and making the necessary connections, commuting while on the rave has its disadvantages or if you are loaded, you can take a cab. That is why most people would rather drive. Let’s just say, I am comfortable with taking public transport (someone who drives comes as an added bonus), its the timing that makes it abit unbearable.

Anyway, I got to the venue at around 11ish and the place was still getting into the swing of things. I was disappointed though with the entry charge and the misleading information from the organisers and Kenyan community. The price of the tickets (what I paid at the door) was £22.50. On the tickets it was printed advance ticket price. Then, there were tickets going for £25.oo after midnight. When I made several enquiries regarding the ticket price prior to the day, I was misinformed that the tickets would be £20.00 at the door and that the extra £2.50 was booking fee for advance tickets. Now all I want to know is, when selling advance tickets, door tickets and after midnight tickets, shouldn’t they be just that or what’s the deal with selling advance printed tickets at the door? Swali tu!

The security too was tight. My camcorder was taken away from me as they were not allowed into the venue (on of the few things ‘we’ weren’t informed of). Something I soon discovered that could be solved if you knew the right people and managed to get it back. Anyway, after a few entry hiccups, I finally settled into the atmosphere that was Jamhuri Day Celebrations at Stratford Rex.

I saw a few people I knew and finally got to meet the ones that I knew but haven’t seen face to face. Among them were Sir Prestige, Krooked Letta and Wawesh himself (who was accompanied by Lisa and Geraldo a new artist on his record label). One down, one to go. (Second last Q&A). I wasn’t looking at my watch, but it seemed ages before the Miss Kenya UK event kicked off. In true Mocha! style, I perched myself near the stage to capture the events as they unfolded on stage.

I was a tad bit disappointed in the whole Miss Kenya UK 2006. First, congratulations to the winner and to the girls for taking part. The MC for Miss Kenya and Dj Dubwise for the music. I have to say though, they let themselves down when it came to stage presence, choreography and (add your view here if you were there). Some of the girls were not smiling and at one point I had to shout at them to face the front as they were all facing their exit. Check the clips and let me know what you think.

Intro and African Wear

Swim Wear

Evening Wear

Crowning of Miss Kenya UK 2006

Moving on…….the performances on the night were just off the hook.

First, we had the Watu Wangu clique doing their thing on stage, supported by Sir Prestige on the decks. Performances by Balla, Krooked Letta, Lopo T and Lilian were marred by a faulty mic. It echoed their voices and made their performance seem low key. All in all, they didn’t disappoint. Here are a few clips of their performance. (Apologies for the dark footage….I forgot to change the camcorder setting at one point LOL)

Nannoma and K-Dip (Toshi, Dunk-O and Balla)

Lopo T, Kalaway, Krooked Letta and Levysill

Wawesh and Watu Wangu 

That is it for today…..I shall narrate more tomorrow, so stay logged on to Mochalicious.wordpress.com!

Peace! 😉


Coming up tomorrow:

Mr Nice, Klepto, pictures and last words!


7 thoughts on “Jamhuri Day ’06 Event – A Mocha! Special (Pt1)”

  1. You did a pretty GOOD job with the vids..for real some shit I have is horrendous…the sound is also much better, much props to you.

    And from the sound you can tell the mic had issues…Wawesh needs a hype man(This part of most shows is wildly underated). I say this because the stage while perfect ..kinda swallows a guy when its only 1 perfomer.

    Great post!.

  2. That is raia for you.Utter disorganisation!But props on the security! I give UK peeps marks, no way in hell would I pay that much for a bash!
    From watching the first vid all I can say is that it has been sometime since I have seen so many big gleaming foreheads and weaves in one place.Rihanna kando!That chic who was on the mic was whack!But some of the costumes were nice.
    Wacha I watch the rest of the vids and give feedback.

  3. @msaniixl…thanks! I tried my best to capture the best moments. The one of the mics really had issues. True about a hype man for Wawesh….but he still did it regardless of the huge stage space. All in all…it was a superb performance from Watu Wangu!

    @Aco…aki we are usually taken for a ride when it comes to paying for these gigs. Aki I almost went and asked for half of my chums back. I was really disappointed. Check second post for details.

  4. Video 2: What the hell is it with that hostess and that fake ass weng.WTF is a pergent?!Heifer needs to keep it real!Someone needs to get Miss Jay’s gay ass up in there and teach those girls how to work the catwalk.
    I really like the Western Union sign though, it was a nice touch!

  5. maze big up mocha,i missed the occasion coz i was working bt u made me feel as if i was apart of it. thx sana though and keep up with the jobo u r doing aiit?mm nice touch.

  6. @Aco….trus’ you to pick the clips apart. I was jazzed by the way she was calling out the name Rachel…ati ‘RAKEL’! LOL!!!

    @carenk…..you didn’t miss much! Be glad you were out there working. Otherwise you would have cursed why you miss a day to make cheddar,to have it squandered for you with utter upuziness!!!

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