Jamhuri Day ’06 Event – A Mocha! Special (Pt2)

This my account of the days’ events as they happened through my eyes, camera and camcorder. My opinion may differ from others and may not please alot of people. Afterall, aren’t we entitled to one? So, if you think you won’t like what you read here, please visit this website and have a nice day!

Now, where was I?

AAhhh, yes!

After the dope performances from the Watu Wangu collective (which happened in between the Miss Kenya costume changes), Miss Kenya 2006 was crowned. After which, Mr Nice, the first artist billed for the night was ready to perform. Supported by Dj Pinye, Mr Nice’s performance was off the hinges.

Despite reading various reports of him being abit over the top and with an ego to match, I soon changed my mind about him when he was on stage. He really rocked the crowd with his performance. I was well impressed. His videos don’t do him any justice at all. Also, what is a Mr Nice performance without him taking off his shirt? And the ladies dance off was just hilarious. One of my favourite highlights of the whole event. Enjoy the clip below!

Mr Nice performing some of his hits – What a show!

Later that night at around half three in the morning, MTV EMA nominees Kleptomaniacs graced us with their presence on stage. The crowd (mostly chics screaming their individual names like they knew them personally) welcomed them on stage. I have to be honest here from the on set. I was expecting an electrifing performance from the trio, but none was fourth coming. At one point, I was glad my camcorder battery was running low. I actually stopped filming when it got too much for me. I was utterly disappointed by their whole performance to say the least.

First, people were confused as when the venue was being shut down. Apparently, it was to be closed at 4a.m., but the organisers managed to ask for an extra hour. So, most of the crowd were concentrating of the lights coming on thinking it was time to go home. Second, the sound system at one point was too loud and it gave in. It was fixed and the show went on. Third, Klepto did not have a playlist or performance plan. So when they intro’d a song, majority of the time that is not what they sang. It also reached a point if I heard, “Tuendele ama tusiendele!” one more time, aaaaAAAARRGGGHHH!!! Fourth, Dj Pinye’s playlist for Klepto’s performance at one point got the better of him. A nightmare to any Dj. Let’s just say, that didn’t help matters. Fifth, Klepto also did a ladies dance off, but it was overshadowed by Mr Nice’s. It felt like a bad case of Déjà Vu! Although one of the chics did some floor stunts you see in ’em raunchy Jamaican videos. I think that was the highlight of the Klepto performance……LOL!!! I felt cheated like the crowd at the World Music Awards waiting for Michael Jackson to perform and he only uttered a few words.

To sum it all up, Klepto just didn’t do it for me. Here is what I managed to capture from their performance.

Kleptomaniacs Live Performance

I have to say though, after their stint on stage, they were very sociable with their fans. Many of whom had plenty of pictures taken with them. I even managed to get one picture of them together, which was a difficult seeing that everybody wanted a picture taken with them either individually or as a group.

Anywhoo….the night for me ended on a high. I got plenty of pictures, footage and managed to network.

I managed to get home at 8am in one piece. The journey back was drama in itself (a story for another day).

Event highlights: Meeting the Watu Wangu members that I never met before and their performance, Mr Nice’s performance and a chance to test my next creative investment (egm…eat your heart out).

Event lowlights: Klepto’s performance, Juma Nature’s no show, Otieno V from Stato not rocking the decks, Miss Kenya, the cover charge, the fact that Kenyans cannot fill up Stradford Rex hence letting the joint remain cold all night (I only took out my jacket when I went to the loo), I was almost robbed of my digicam by some smooth talking dude and a banging headache from standing next to the speakers for most of the night (note to self: carry emergency earplugs).

Well, that’s it! I know I promised to show you the pictures today, but it will have to wait ’til tomorrow.

Happy Jamhuri Day y’all!!!


5 thoughts on “Jamhuri Day ’06 Event – A Mocha! Special (Pt2)”

  1. @Mocha
    i didn’t think i would have anything to say till new year but here i am….!
    for part 1 and part 2 of Jamhuri day event a Mocha special THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    (listening to the Game”wouldn’t get far”)

  2. @Luke….thanks for taking time out from your Christmas shopping to leave a comment on my blog. Always appreciated! 😉 Of course I cannot disappoint my readers bila evidence!
    (Listening to Chery Ice – ‘Run’)

  3. O ye roving reporter! Sounds like quite the night.

    Kumbe i’m not the only one eyeing that Canon! I bought a Sony last year and it’s spent most of the year in its box!

  4. @M….It was quite a night. One I wont forget in a hurry, that come next year, I will chill at home with a hot cup of cocoa!!!

    LOL @ your camera never seeing the light of day! Then stop eyeing that Canon. It would a waste of money to buy it and let it stay in its box. Mine will be like a kibeti. Never leaving my side. LOL!!!

    @aegeus…..some of it rocked. Ebu soma my high and low lights and you will see how the pro and cons weigh on the event. More cons than pros. More later!!

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