I know, I know…..the pics are kidogo late. Better that than never….ama?

Before I unleash them to you, I have been scouring other online UK Kenyan communities and the feedback regarding the Jamhuri event in London was and still is on the negative side. The organisers failed us yet again. The thing that really stands out is, why do people still go? Even if it is to support our fellow Kenyans, there has to be a limit on how far you can go. I mean, give us (the paying wanainchi) the service we deserve.

Anyway, I may go on and on about the whole issue, but it will just bore you. Let me leave you to read what other people had to say about the whole event and after this posting, the record will change to other matters happening in Mocha!land.


Misterseed – Part 1 Part 2

Even with good performances on the day, they are still overshadowed by the amount of negative experiences that have been expressed this year and in the past. I hope, next year a different game plan and exciting event will be organised. Otherwise, organisers with bad track records will find themselves out in the cold. As a Kenyan, I don’t mind supporting our own, but there has to be a limit as to how far you can go to rob them of their hard earned cash and confidence/trust for you and others.

Anywhoo, HERE are the stills. I have to admit, these are the worst pics I have taken in a while (egm….where you at we exchange tips?). Enjoy!

Have a pleasant weekend y’all!


6 thoughts on “PICTURES & FEEDBACK”

  1. First things first. In most cases the people who organise these bashes are arrogant bastards. Yes I said it, arrogant bastards. They almost never listen to the people.
    I mean if you are renting a hall for a function and you have done this before, you know how much space you will need. It seemed from the vids that the place was far too large but on the other hand that is better than far too small!
    These functions seem to be disorganisation galore. We do have some that turn out like that especially when they decided they are going to do some of them in halls and not clubs.
    I refuse to pay for mediocre service! That is why I only go for a few well organised Kenyan functions.


    First, that question mark, dont think I did not notice it.

    Aki Mocha.. u r hilarious..

    And then that Mr. Nice pic up close and personal is just ewwww!

  3. Woooppss…I should check my moderation inbox more often. Aco…you werent first!

    @Stwap…THANKS! 😉

    @ciiku…the question mark is there coz she is looking for a stage name. Chic can spit rhymes! Ati I am hilarious….NAH! I dont fink so!

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