HO HO HO and all that jazz (Reloaded)

*Cue mellow christmas tunes*

Well, just a few days and Christmas Day will be here.

A time to spend (quite literally in most cases) on with family and friends.

A time to be merry, eat and drink.

A time to reflect on the year that has been and another year that is to come.

A time to thank God and pray to those that haven’t got….

A time to rejoice that our Saviour Jesus Christ was born.

As we celebrate this joyous occasion, please spare a thought for those you couldn’t be with and spare a prayer for those who are in a bad way. Whether you know them or not.

Happy Holidays Y’all!!!

*cue scratched record*

Moving swiftly on…..

What’s wrong with Kenyans? This is what I am on about. Better late than never, but I said I would blog about it. Spread the word. You know…the works. KP even blogged about it. Since when do you conduct business in such a manner? And you begin to wonder why most of us are not in a hurry to go back and build Kenya. I am up for anything to build our country, but if it is to be conducted in such a manner…..WACHA IKAE! I have to say, we are a long way from doing things properly. This mentality that things will be kosher overnight should change. Afterall, Rome was not built in a day.

On the other hand, there are Kenyans who are making us proud. Click here and here for details. More next year.

How come we never hear of songs like this while we are abroad? Sometimes, some of the crap that comes of Kenya is not worth our listening time. This song has a really powerful message behind it. Msanii, thanks for putting it up in your blog.

I made someone smile today and it felt good. Its not everyday that I get to change someone’s life with the little that I have, but as long as I touched them one way or another……that is enough for me.

I had a really nice weekend. I visited two towns in one weekend. First stop was Luton, where one of my Dj mentors is a resident in a local pub that has a function room. It was a very hilarious night as some Zims had a Miss Big Night. The following day being a Saturday, I visited my old hood and ‘famo’! In the evening after some takeout, we hit the local joint, Spice Lounge and on Sunday we had Sunday Lunch-cum-Dinner and later in the evening, Karaoke. It was really fun. In case you are wondering, I murdered this song in the name of  goodtimes. I travelled back and was in bed at 1.30am. I sure did have trouble waking up in the morning and the cold had something to do with it……LOL! 😉

Anywhoo……I don’t have lots to say. Enjoy the audioclip below and have a nice one. A timeless classic for this time of year.

Blog you next year!!! Mob hugs and kisses,

The ‘Licious One!


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