Mocha’s 2006 in Review

Well, yet another year has gone and it makes you wonder how fast time does fly.

Last year saw alot happen to me and my surroundings. Some incidents I enjoyed, where as others I would rather forget (let me write this first).

Jan ’06

This month saw Mocha! join the singles club (a year on…still in it. Resolution??? My blogging fingers are tied ;)).

It was the month the building in Nai collapsed.

I shared some pics (more this year I promise).

I discovered Wawesh (yaani, I found out about him…before y’all get twisted).

I did my first blogmeme of the year(when is the next one coming out for this year. Sure helps when you are chewing bloggers block.).

Feb ’06

This month saw me celebrate my first blogversary…..blogthday……whatever! You know what I mean. It was a chance for y’all to take a sneek peek at the ‘Licious! One. If you snoozed on the day POLE! Perhaps there will be a repeat performance this year. Watch this space.

I was getting lots of hateration on this month…ok it kinda escalated. This year….time to make peace with last years demons and move on. After all, I am getting older and wiser….ok, older! 😉

T’was the month I discovered about Kenyamoto.

T’was also the month I started taking my infamous hibernation periods.

March ’06

This is the time after my hibernation period I returned with a VOICE regarding the raid at the media houses of KTN and Standard Newspaper. Freedom of speech…what happened to that? A public blog letter to the Orezzo followed….I wonder what happened after that?

March saw me lovin’ Crazy by Gnarls Berkely and surfing the web like it was running out of fashion (Luke….more links this year. Sawa?)

I got my first ever plug courtesy of AfroMusing.

I started biggin’ up African artists more, as influence by Chery Ice on the cover of Mimi Magazine.

My first visit to the Harrods Store in London. Damn….those shoes were hot!

I had an interesting dream. I hope for more this year.

T’was the time I celebrated Mother’s Day and….

…..I found out my best pal in Nai had passed way. RIP Girl….you will never be forgotten!

April ’06

Acolyte bloody tagged me! I was a good sport and did it. No more this year please!

 I made a birthday wishlist. I never got any of the items. One though was promised to me, but after being told it is still in transit up until now…..I raided my piggy bank and got it myself as a Christmas pressy.

I was touched by the issue of Christianity and child sacrifices being made under its guise aka the child is possessed.

Crazy(Gnarls Berkely) went to #1 in the UK and I was nominated for a Kaybee (Best Entertainment Blog).

Tagged again for the second time in one month, Shiroh made me do 100 pieces of me!

Wawesh releases his album and I celebrate my 100th blog post.

It was also the month I was asked a few questions by fellow bloggers who wanted to know more about me. Will there be a follow up? You decide!

It was also round this time I bade farewell to Blogger and joined WordPress. My Birthday present for 2006.

May ’06

My month……I was born on the 13th of 19..! I had exams last year, I didn’t do much.

Blogged about the plight of Kariokor and Madaraka Estate residents. I still don’t know the progress of these two stories. Hopefully, I will keep y’all updated.


OK…since the rest of the year is on WP, you can follow them up by clicking the archive links. I got to go home and I am sure I won’t finish in time as 2007 will start to feel stale.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed 2006. There are things I wish I had done and others I learnt from. Let’s just say, 2007 for me will be for changing alot of things about myself. My main resolution is only known by my two best mates. The others will be revealed as time goes by. I just hope, God willing, same time next year I will look back and be proud of myself and my pledges. One resolution I have kept strong is for not touching alcohol. Despite the peer pressure (you know yourselves), I held my ground and stayed sober.

Well, here is to 2007 and what it holds.

Have a nice weekend y’all!


2 thoughts on “Mocha’s 2006 in Review”

  1. @Mocha
    (had already wished you happy new year-see HO HO HO post!) moving on….
    I like the new look of the blog (full stop) and the music (fullstop)
    Alot to comment on this particular post, so will be back with more comments later!
    For now-more links from you this year? yes please!
    If i ever get the chance, i will give you a prize-thanks to you i found out about google earth last year!
    (thank you) (fullstop)
    (listening to Nas-QB Tru G)

  2. Cheers to a year well spent. My nusu nusu connection will not let me enjoy the music. I also switched to wordpress and loving it here.

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