Fish Go Deep & Bamboo

I am feeling musical today, so here are two clips(audiowise) that I have found to be interesting.

I felt this song last year and I am still feeling it this year. This is a classic that’s for sure!

Fish Go Deep – The Cure and The Cause

Now, with Bamboo moving to NY…..did he back slide ama what? Anyway, I can easily say he is Kenya’s flow rap King……shame about the chorus. In my opinion it kinda spoils the song the way it has been recorded.

Bamboo feat Attitude – Snitch

What do you think?

Happy Tuesday y’all!


3 thoughts on “Fish Go Deep & Bamboo”

  1. Is he kenyan? Tht there may be all gud for the Americans but how do we relate when he’s rappin about gun shots and he didnt do it? Biggin up pac n biggy… which isnt bad, but how about some of our gone musicians like issah?
    Unless He’s tryin an Akon, then i really don’t see how this song is repin, even on an entertainment level. We as African’s loose our culture day by day tryin to be like the western world. Jst remember, all tht glitters ain’t gold.

  2. That song is a piece of money back gauranteed horse piss! What the hell do Bamboo and Attitude know about guns, snitches and not talking to the cops?! That’s some straight studio gangsta ish right there.
    I have a post ready about this video. The only good thing about it is the flow otherwise it is a complete utter waste of time. If this is the best they can come up with, the two of them need to be shot with those same guns they are bleating about.

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