Moving on to the pleasantries…..

….and as I mentioned here, my Christmas was off the hook. I have one thing to say though about being a sober so and so, you get ‘bored’ easily. So, half the time while being cajoled back to the world of alcohol, I was being a sleepy head. It was a laugh though.

The thing that made it extra special was filling HQ and the home I spent my holidays with laughter. Getting together to prepare the Christmas food and just hang out. Everybody chipped in. The food was delicious. I made chapos and a coleslaw salad mix that backfired badly.

I took lots of pics, of which I will be busy in the next few day trying to sort out and send to the relevant recipients. So, as promised, I have uploaded a few that I could using WP (which is not very photo-user friendly). Enjoy and don’t eat your computer…..LOL!!!

Tip: Click on the pics to get bigger version.


The meat being prepped….hot from the oven. Full of herbs and spices….it was yummy!!!


More chicken being fried. Damn…..they were really tasty!

The rest of the pics will be featured on my Photolog.

I know…..there are more and they can be seen here once it is properly up and running.

Anywhoo……despite the comments I made earlier (hence them being misinterpretated), I had a lovely Christmas as it was a pleasure to share it amongst friends. I met new people and enjoyed myself.

So, here is to 2007 and all that it brings.

p.s. When do you stop wishing people Happy New Year?



  1. Daaaan. I shibad just checking those photos….heheh. I so hear you on that last onw – i.e. when do you stop wishing people a happy new year? My rule of thumb, if i have already seen them during the new year and only if it’s Jan.

  2. @Stephen….it was delicious! Finger licking good. To be honest, it tasted better the following day, coz after spending most of the morning cooking, you kinda don’t feel hungry when it is ready.

    @Ichiena….LOL!!! I knew someone would shiba by just checking them out.

    @princess….it was! 😉

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