I went and watched Smokin’ Aces this weekend and to be honest this is one movie I didn’t know what to expect.

All I can say is, if you get a chance…….GO SEE IT. Just like The Departed, it isn’t hyped up like other movies before they are released, yet they seem to do the trick.

The suspence is up there. The debut of Alicia Keys is off the hook (though it was spoilt kiplani towards the end). Let me leave it there…..just go watch it.

Movie Buff na Couch ‘Tato……I am waiting for your take on this movie.

Ok….I know Stateside you are almost towards the end of season two of Prison Break, but today, it starts here in the UK and I can’t wait. Must see TV in my books.

Another programme that has captured my attention is Ugly Betty. I don’t know why, but I seem to be hooked.

Does this year look like a good year for movies ama ni mimi? SpiderMan 3, Shrek The Third, Fantastic Four:Silver Surfer……you get it……..a year of sequels, etc.

Happy Monday y’all!!!


6 thoughts on “SMOKIN’ ACES AND ‘PB’ Season II”

  1. i saw the preview of that star studded cast and i love jermy piven from i cant wait. not to mentioni wanna see alicia if she has what it takes.

    Prison break umefika wapi….am where Bellick has been turned into a cell bitch…or rather will soon be. adn that M.I.B has turned good and he’s helpin them bros!

    T.Bag’s line: The say a good woman is hard to find…and y0ou must be a pretty good woman!

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