Channel & Web Surfing (other stuff too!)

I remember when my mum used to ear-bash me for my love of the telly. With phrases like:

“MOCHA! Wewe na hiyo TV nitawatupa inje!”

“Usirudi kulala kwa kiti yangu alafu unawacha TV wazi.” (Late nite Channel O watching days)

“Sasa, ukienda kwa wenyewe, utakuwa uki watch TV ni kama kwenu.”

OK…….not exactly in those words, but they are not far from the real ones…..but you get my drift.

In my opinion, those days have paid off (pole mum…..I love you though). I am now hooked more than ever. With cool episodes of Prison Break, Ugly Betty, Desparate Housewives and many more, I have become a multi-programme watching person. Like the other day as I was waiting for Prison Break, one channel had this programme about freaky food and the other my favourite soap. I was watching more of the freaky food.

Remember the rainy days when the crickets came out and some of the kids would actually eat them for kicks…..that was mentioned in the program, the way they(the crickets) are a delicacy in Africa. There is a store in LA that sells sweets with insects in them or chocolate covered insects. In Asia, boiled duck eggs that were almost hatching and camel meat in Australia. What weird or freaky food would you or have you eaten?

Speaking of TV……have you seen Apple’s new product – AppleTV (I don’t think they could use iTV….LOL)…….

……..and while on the subject of Apple products, while lie, I am digging the iPhone. Don’t just look at the pictures featured on the links. Please watch the keynote address by Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs and draw your own conclusions. Cool gadget or what???

Now, on to web surfing…..

For those who didn’t know, Me I Love NAirobi REgardless has done a Jay Z. Yep……. He is back!!! About time as well! 🙂

Moving on, I was chatting to someone the other day and they gave me this website and I thought their concept is a good one. A holiday, making new friends and fun all rolled into one package. Did I forget to mention good weather and destination? OOPPSS…ma bad! They took a package with them and they had lots of fun. Maybe something to try when you are in Kenya?

There are a series of YouTube clips that have sparked a very minor debate in Mashada. Just reminds me of how as humans we only wanted to hear what we want. In my opinion, despite the heavy accent, the dude speaks alot of truth. He is among the very few who will come out and speak the truth about Kenya and its Politics (remember Githongo). Here is one where he speaks of landgrabbing/landlessness in Kenya (links to the other clips can be found under ‘more from this user’).

This is to the Kenyans in Kenya – What is the movie industry like? The movies currently on sale, are they on VCD or DVD format?


8 thoughts on “Channel & Web Surfing (other stuff too!)”

  1. Dude can only talk when he is in stockholm sheesh! He does have a point about land being a big issue and part of its origins beginning with colonialism.
    He has a point about the leaders in power failing the people beginning from Kenyatta and onwards.
    He does have a point about the land issue. Let me stroll to mashada before the insults start flying.
    In Kenya movies are sold in both formats since they are both

  2. Precisely because of the addictive nature of some of these shows is the reason I keep a good enough distance from the TV. Kabla it started showing, I knew Prison Break was going to be one such show whenever I’d see trailers of it. And so I safely kept away.

    Freaky food… eh, that’s a whole post in itself! Snails, frog legs, porcupine, hippo, take your pick.

  3. I have not been very adventurous as far as food is concerned, does crocodile meat qualify here?

    The squeamish person I am I do not think I have eaten any insects (knowingly:D that is.)

    I do not watch much TV nowadays but before I could do marathons till morning.

  4. My telly days come in phases. There was the phase of watching one channel, recording the other and watching the recorded channel during BBC news! Then the phase of going polepole downstairs after lights out to watch midnight shows. Nowadays bila time. But DH I still make time for. And those freaky Discovery Channel shows.

    Bunduz guys are good. I have been to several of their plots, know them and they always come through with fun stuff. I am even in the photogallery – ha! Wacha i tell them they are becoming popular! Hehee!!

  5. @Acolyte….we all know the threats people get when they talk when they are in Kenya. Besides, Stockholm has better streaming capabilities than Kenya, don’t you think… ;)! Dude is on point though!

    LMAO!!! I guess I am another couch ‘tato (I am not stealing your thunder ‘Tato)

    @egm…you are missing a great show. Prison Break rocks!!! Shame I can’t afford the boxsets. Hinting B-day pressy 😉

    @Prou…i guess croco meat qualifies. What does it taste like?


    @Ichy….can I call you that? tihihihihihi! DH is another show that rocks. Bree is my fav character. The stunts she pulls in the name of family privacy and dignity are hilarious.
    Ebu unleash which one you are, I promise I won’t tell!

  6. @Mocha, Believe me, I know it is a great show. That’s why I don’t watch it. Cause that’s all I’d do. Hiyo boxset… hmm… labda we can do a marathon session and ona it all, ama? I just wonder where it’s going to come from! 🙂

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