NOT A MUST (Trans. to Swa’)……Its Friday!

From promiscuous lyrics to ‘abstinence’ (to some degree)……is this the new Nonini? The video is hot….the studio shoot anyway. I can see Kenyans are improving day in day out.

Nonini feat. Bonniey, Frasha & Gabu – ‘Si Lazima’

Alafu, why is Frasha hiding behind the hat? Unique move (KE standards) though!

Its Friday, mid-Jan. Plans? Movie perhaps. As always, this time of the year, financial spending is on high watch alert, but a treat ni lazima.

Now….do I need to watch Rock 1-4 before I can watch Balboa? If not, that is what I will go see kesho. Otherwise, I will wait for Blood Diamond.

Have a SUPERb weekend!


8 thoughts on “NOT A MUST (Trans. to Swa’)……Its Friday!”

  1. It was a good video I admit, and I think it is good to have a positive message for a change from Kenyan rappers.
    You can watch Balboa on it’s own no need to watch the rest.
    Bon weekend!

  2. Nice song. Is he cleaning up his act? And Ida’s song just made my morning now that i had to do a late shift at work. Walalalala!

  3. @Aco….I thought the video was good too. Should it be on the top 20 ama? Sawa about Rocky Balboa.

    @egm….that is the next movie that I am going to catch.

    @aegeus….I guess he is. Only a matter of more songs this year, then we will know for sure. I like Ida’s track too!

  4. Blood Diamond ROCKED!!! I’ll be honest, kabla watching it I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Heck, I thougth I’d be bored. Let me just say it held my attention throughout. Kabisa. Mambo mazuri nakwambia!

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