Sunshine Weekend & Rocky Balboa

The sun came out over the weekend and this gave me an excuse to get my lazy ass out of bed.

So, I popped down to London bila plan to take photos with my new toy. Uploads can been seen here from tomorrow. London (with the sun shining) is a really beautiful city. Anyway, I ended up in Westminister. So, my photos will consist of different angle shots of the London Eye and House of Parliament/Big Ben. It was good day out, but the cold was BITTTEERRRR.

Later, I decided enough was enough. So, I headed back to my hood and on the way I stopped by the cinema to watch Rocky Balboa.

Now…..this is my opinion about the movie based on the fact I haven’t really paid attention to the first four.

As a movie, it was ok. Not something I would want to watch again. Maybe it will appeal more to the Rocky fans.

As a director, Sly did good. The camera angles and shots were off the hook, esp. during the fight scenes.

So, would I recommend this movie………..yes, if you are a Rocky fan or are just curious how it turned out.

It made me wonder though about sport based movies……how come I haven’t seen one about rugby? Even a budget film. If you have….do the necessary. 😉

Happy Monday!

My soundtrack for today: “Boyz II Men – 4 Seasons of Loneliness”


3 thoughts on “Sunshine Weekend & Rocky Balboa”

  1. You’ve just mde my curiousity shoot up to watch Rocky Balboa, was wondering how it would turn out, what with the age caught up the jamaa. now its in the diary, coming soon. was with ur bro at this last wapi, it was supercalifra…………!

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