IT SNOWED….finally!

Nothing beats the crunching of snow as you walk on it. I have come to enjoy it. Finally, the bitter cold being associated with something. It snowed, as I slumbered.

So….I woke up to an inch of snow. Ok…..I know to some of you that is nothing, while to some that is a big deal….to me, its a relief. I hate it when it is cold and it rains. It makes it even worse in a way. At least with the snow, the cold feels less threatening. Maybe its just me.

Anyway, as I type this… has all melted. I hope that wasn’t the last of it. I need to take pictures.

Speaking of pics……sorry they are late.

Wherever you are……stay warm!


8 thoughts on “IT SNOWED….finally!”

  1. it refused to snow in brum!its a shame, after coming to freeze huku, the joint cant even produce snow.surely!
    can you imagine the look of disbelief when i tell some random kenyans that i was in an england that had no snow. i can just see them whisperring to each other…..
    ‘ati alidhani alikuwa UK.sijui msichana yule ni delirous. ati hakuna snow…hahahoho’

  2. I hate snow. More so for the inconvenience of having to tread carefully on sidewalks people have refused to shovel where the packed snow turns to ice making it risky to walk on. And the dirty sludge resulting from the sand on the road for grip after the ploughs have come through.

    I love snow. When it is clean, pure and undisturbed. When it is on in the surburbs or on a farm that makes it look so picturesque. Great photo op, that’s for sure! Like you, I am looking forward to a big snow storm just for that. I have some pics I took one winter I need to post. These were of the downtown area. I need to do a photo shoot of surbubia or countryside under snow.

    So you see, I am in a love-hate relationship with snow. Lakini I hear you on the baridi. We are supposed to be getting some major arctic type baridi Friday. Not looking forward to that day one bit.

  3. “So this is it finally. The snow!” That was my comment when a friend called me to inform me of the much awaited event. I couldn’t help but get out and have a feel of it. It was an anti-climax though. Not really what i had in mind. would have wanted more probably (Or am i speaking too soon?). About the cold, me thinks it is always exaggerated. When i came down this sides, i got enough cautions on how cold it usually is. I am yet to get half of what i anticipated.
    The weather in England is one phenomenon though; It comes in all shapes and sizes. You couldn’t start trusting it.

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