Its Over….

Well….the snow and ‘extreme’ cold is over. According to the weather forecast.

In my opinion, that is really scary and it makes you really think about this Global Warming business…..don’t you think?

Moving on…..

……kesho I am off to watch Blood Diamond. My views on the movie on Monday.

Well, as you can tell, I haven’t been saying much lately………I am in one of those moods of listen more and talk less.

I hope you have a super weekend…….leaving you with this timeless classic

Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long

THIS IS STRICTLY FOR THE LADIES! pssstttt…..Ladies, have you seen this gadget?


2 thoughts on “Its Over….”

  1. Lucky folks! We are having our coldest day yet in eastern Mass today at -15C (with a -25C windchill). I’m moving there!

    As you do Blood Diamond, I’ll be doing Smokin’ Aces. Have a great weekend.

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