10 Years Later……and then some!

This week has been kidogo active….

…..managed to make contact with some of my high school chums. The wonders of the net huh??!

The questions I keep getting is whether I have kids or if I am married. One thing at a time I tell them.

To honest, as I type this, I don’t know what I should be blogging about…hence my silence for a while now. Basically, my life at the moment is one of making ends meet and chilling in doors. I suppose the cold snap has something to do with it. So, I will just go with the flow.

I was gutted to discover that my pal (who by the way, helped maintain my dreads) has gone back home. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye…..sniff* sniff*!

Over the weekend, I attend the funeral fundraiser for Mr Agola. The attendance was good and I pray that his final journey will be peaceful. Thank you for those who left messages to the family on my blog.

I saw Blood Diamond as promised and I have to say, the movie is off the hook. Up there with Lord of War. I dunno what it is about fact based movies, but they surely do give you something to think about.

Alafu, does this article on Pulse (sometime back) prove that the Kenya media or its journalists don’t do extensive research before they write an article? Just read the last sentence and prove me wrong.

Youtube.com is now one of the fastest growing websites in the world even overtaking myspace.com. However, no Kenyan artiste has posted their videos on this site.”

I put up more pics…..


Today’s Tune – Count Your Blessings


6 thoughts on “10 Years Later……and then some!”

  1. I feel you on the article. Very few papers actually do research at all in Kenya when it comes to international articles, just goes to show the slopiness we have to put up with.
    I feel you on not having much to blog about, I am at that stage too.
    As for marriage and kids, like you said; all in due time. Besides I dont know why people put such a big premium on marriage and kids. You can live a full life without either.
    Pole about your pal going home, I am sure a new one will come round; such is the circle of life.
    Have a good day and dont let the cold get to you!

  2. Misery loves company, eh? Yaani on Monday it was colder in Boston than in Alaska and Iceland. Bado twang’ang’ana tu. This cold spell is sure putting a damper on blogging!

  3. @Aco…..despite all that we see in the media, etc. Marriage and kids kind gives you that security for the future, etc. Rushing into it is what spoils its magic and appreciation.

    As for the cold….DAMN IT!

    @egm…..hear hear!!! pssstt….are you moving to WP?

  4. @Udi…I know what you mean, but that article makes it look like Kenyans are not featured on YouTube. Even the ones on mySpace are sometimes not pages created by the artist, but someone else. I will look for that video you are talking about….ama you have the link to it handy?

    @egm…pole. Lakini si I semad psstt coz I had a feeling it was on the hush hush….lakini the ping back on WP is powerful…LOL!!! I will keep at Blogger until you say WP!!!

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