……I am going to touch on this subject. So…the men reading this and may feel kidogo uncomfy, here is something for you.

Now ladies, we all know how that time of the month can be uncomfortable, etc. Despite all, the things that are dreaded the most are the trips to the toilet, the accidental dropping of the sanitary products, sending a jamaa to buy them, etc. You know what I mean.

Anyway, I came across this product and I was wondering how many of you have heard of it, tried it (or are willing to try) and what you think of it?

Let’s face it, we all have horror stories and this gadget might change most of it, if not all.

On to other irrelevant things… snowed again. Yaani things stop operating here with a few inches…, I wonder what will happens when it snows mfululizo. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind a day off in the middle of the week due to the weather.

Happy Thursday!

Mocha! Tunes for Today: Aaron aka Krucial Keys (Kenyan Jazz) Who has the track listing for his album?

7 thoughts on “TABOO OR NOT….”

  1. @Mocha
    Its been a long time…i’m deeply sorry for the loss of your friends dad.
    Aaron “Crucial Keys” Rimbui-Album “Keys of Life
    Track Listing:
    1) I Believe In You 2) Free 3) Living 4)Songa 5)7 Torches, 7 Spirits 6) Wewe Nami 7)Amka Twende 8)’N-2-U’ 9) My Love 10) Pole Pole 11)Bekahville 12) Mwana Lete Pesa 13) Kijijini

    I bought the album in ’05-if you want it, let me know how i can get it to you
    (listening to NAS ‘Hustlers’)

  2. hmmm,those look like deadly gadgets! im not sure what they are. i dont think ive ever seen them before , dont think id use them though.
    Arons album, is timam! we need more of such, if you like it theres another guy called Joseph hellon whose also good. oh, hes also kenyan.

  3. @Luke…its been awhile. How you be? Thanks for your message to the Agola family.

    Kudos for the track listing…..I listen to Aaron almost daily. Timam album. Is it on I tunes? Wishfull thinking on my part huh?! 🙂

    @Mamashady….they look deadly and cost effective, but hygiene is the issue. If I sum up the courage to test them….I will holla.

    @Prou….I feel you on that, but somehow it has that “don’t knock it until you try it” effect. Esp. when you read the testimonials.

  4. @Mocha
    on Itunes-not yet i think!:) but not wishful thinking!
    i know Aaron and him and his music deserves to be on itunes
    (didn’t know he had so many fans-mamashady,mocha, etc)!

  5. mooncup…hmm…well I’ve heard of the keeper…someone I knew used to use it and that was like a couple of years ago…she swore by it, but it all seems a little to uhm…I don’t know, pouring out stuff and boiling it for next time is a bit too much for me I guess…

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