Apple v PC

We have seen the ads and the products……and the rivalry is obvious.

Myself, I have come to love and hate apple products, but if I was to choose, I would pick Apple.

It made me wonder yesterday as I was reading a review about Microsoft’s Vista and I just concluded how clever the Apple people are………announce your own OS – Leopard – with a sneak peek (done sometime mid/late 2006)…..wait for Microsoft to release Vista……go back to the drawing board to make the final tweeks to Leopard (this is my own speculation)…..then release Leopard in the near future to rival Vista….BIG TIME!

One thing I that came to me was how the active windows on Vista look like the album art gallery on iTunes.

That’s just my opinion!

Happy Monday people!

Mocha!’s Tunepick for Today: Bamboo – Binti (Just to remind me that he can flow)


6 thoughts on “Apple v PC”

  1. I love the Apple Ads that are running. I would never buy a new Windows OS until all the flaws have been pointed out and pathced up. I would buy Apple but I am far too broke to do so!

  2. @Aco…not for long when you bag that jobo. Haba na haba hujaza kibaba.

    @Aegeus…..I agree with you big time. Windows stops furahishaing me when it kept freezing when multiple windows were up.

    @egm…..dunno much about it.

    @AQ…Chukua macbook. You will still be using it years from now. PC peeps are being advice to only upgrade to Vista is they bought a comp two years ago. As for Linux…dunno much about them.

    @M……ooooohhhh, my dream gadget. A macbook or Mac Pro. Lakini finances hindering that venture. 😦

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