Aki…..I just love this artist. Up there on my favourites list with Maxwell and Marc Nelson.

I know, its been yonks since we heard from Maxwell and eons since Marc Nelson chucked an album. They still do it for me.

Joe has stayed true to his genre and I love his music to bits. Reminds me when one of my pals wanted me to explain the lyrics to ‘The Love Scene’. It was a laugh!

“Girl, I’m down to take a sip from your cup,
If you drink from a fountain of love x2

69 was a very good year, if you know what I mean my dear x2”

At the moment, waiting for his new album to be release. Digging his single ‘Where You At?’ and the second from his new album ain’t bad either.

Who is your favourite?

p.s. Tomorrow is V-Day. What have you got planned?


9 thoughts on “Joe”

  1. Tomorrow I shall wake up, prepare, come to work, slave for 8 hours, go home, make dinner if I’m so inclined, chill, shower, jump into bed. To be repeated on Thursday.

  2. Joe’s comeback should be soul much-needed vybe & hopefully have atleast one summer hit to take us through the fall. Heard him on the Whoo Kid mixtape in Dec and he sounds just as good.

    Val’s day? cuddle, cuddle, cuddle, lol! oh & more cuddle.

  3. A woman after my own heart!! Joe is great and I love ” If I was your man” from his new album. He has stayed true to the gospel of great r&b.

    @ Aco, his last album ” And then..” was great and I have not heard that story of wife beating.

  4. @Aegeus… was and still is a very good year 😉

    @akiey….i can’t wait for the album to drop. i have all of his apart from his first one. Nooo…..’All That I Am’ is not the first.

    @Aco…..that wife beating story nimeskia na wewe. His music still rocks.


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