An Alienated V-Day – Recap

Like I mentioned, I will be warming up my leftovers from Tuesday’s dinner and watch the Brits and I did just that.

Here were my predictions whilst I chatted a fellow blogger yesterday and the results in bold CAPS:

Best Live – Robbie Williams / Muse      MUSE

British Breakthrough – Lily Allen / Corinne Bailey Rae    FRATELLIES (Surprise winners of the night)

International Breakthrough – Gnarls Barkley     ORSON

British Male – Lemar     JAMES MORRISON

International Male – Justin Timberlake     JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE

Best Female – Corinne Bailey Rae     AMY WINEHOUSE

International Female – Nelly Furtado     NELLY FURTADO

Best Group – Razorlight / Muse     ARCTIC MONKEYS

International Group – Gnarls Barkley / Red Hot Chili Peppers     THE KILLERS

International Album – Justin Timberlake / Gnarls Barkley     THE KILLERS

Best Single (Voted by the British Public)I didnt make prediction on this oneTAKE THAT – ‘Patience’

Best Album – Muse / Snow Patrol      ARCTIC MONKEYS

2007 Brit Hall of Fame – OASIS

…….that was the end of the Brits 2007. There were some cool performances, but Corinne Bailey Rae, The Killers and Amy Winehouse were my favourites. Scissor Sisters did some weird (in a cool way) stuff on stage. Russell Brand as the host was painful to watch. His jokes were…..aaaiiii wacha tuu! Anywhoo…Desperate Housewives was next on my programme lineup….so I went to bed with an ice-cream lolly and watched DH until I blacked out. Woke up at three to switch off the telly.

Today, late night shopping. Need to stock up on some supplies.


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