Girls Day Out in China Town

Ok…..don’t think I have forgotten about my little challenge to you lot… here to attempt before you read on. Don’t be scared…its not that bad! 😉

Now…..moving on!

This past weekend was really eventful. I enjoyed Friday night catching up with one of my old schoolmates. It was a laugh…reminiscing our former schoolmates and teachers. Funny….those were the technically the most exciting moments of my life.

The following day, my schoolmate, another pal of mine and myself headed down to China Town so I could take pictures, etc. Chinese New Year Unfortunately, as I came to discover on Monday, the parade was on Sunday and not Saturday as I thought. So I missed the best day to take pics. Anyway, I made the most of it and took plenty of pictures of China Town and other spots we visited on the day.

One of the highlights of the girls’ day out was on Monday when we were busy texting each other regarding a certain sweet we bought on the day called a GobStopper. My pals didn’t go for the huge one but a smaller version the size of a plum. Let’s just say, by the time I was finished eating the bloody thing, my mouth was sore. I wonder if you lot can guess how long it took me to finish it? Yes, I did it in one sitting.

Pics of the day will be put here……enjoy the snow ones for now.


A lot of time on there hands today is brought to you by USHINDI. There is this couple (like Brandy, I too was gobsmacked) and then there is this dude (???)

 Happy Wednesday!

Mocha!’s TunePick: Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me

p.s. Answers to the riddles on Friday…..go see if you can crack them before then.


8 thoughts on “Girls Day Out in China Town”

  1. wow….that couple!!! I’m still staring at the screen pausing and playing to see if i can figure out anything!! wow!! that dude….hilarious! the sunglasses bit was a killer!!

  2. @kipepeo….the dude kinda pissed me off. A ‘unajaribu nini’ moment.


    @Peter…yep, thats how much that sweet weighs, but I went for a smaller version.

    @Klara….glad that you are!

  3. Nakwambia, I feel you on that “Good ‘Ol Days Vibe” . Some High School mates of mine also visited me and we had such a BLAST. It’s funny how we remember stuff that happened in School like it was jana, right, yet hata events za last week we forget immediately… damn I miss those school days, nothing to worry about, just somaing and mischief making ….

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