The Answers & The ‘H’ Word

You came, you tried, but you didn’t conquer.

Some of you got some of the answers, but my request was for all. Check and see how you did. Without much further ado, here are the answers:

  1. At dusk I come without being fetched, at dawn I disappear without being stolen. I am a poet’s tears and a sailors guide. What am I? – STARS
  2. I am a token of one’s love. I have no beginning and no end..what am I? – RING
  3. What has 4 legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs at night? A CHILD, A MAN AND AN OLD MAN WITH A WALKING STICK
  4. I am greater than God, and more evil than the Devil. The rich need me, the poor have me. Who am I? – NOTHING
  5. When you say my name, I am gone..what am I? – SILENCE
  6. Whoever makes me sells me, whoever buys me doesn’t need me, whoever needs me doesn’t buy me. Who am I? – COFFIN
  7. The more you take me..the more you leave me behind..who am I? – FOOTSTEPS
  8. What letter comes after B in the alphabet? – E
  9. True or false: Paris starts with a P and ends with an E. Explain. – TRUE
  10. Who succeeded the first President? – THE SECOND PRESIDENT

Now…this ‘H’word business, I have been thinking about it for sometime now.

Just as Nick and Milo have made a comeback…..I want to disappear.

Since I am only thinking about it….I am sure when it happens you will all know.

POOF…….and I am gone!


6 thoughts on “The Answers & The ‘H’ Word”

  1. @mamashady…….hhhmmmm! lol

    @Ichiena….pole! 😦

    @bomseh…….the clue is the word alphabet.

    @FG…check your blog for the answer. Si I will see you huko, ama?

    @aegeus….. 😦

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