One to Watch Out For…


I am still here……contemplating a hiatus.

Until it is decided and while I regroup from this past weekends activities, I heard this tune on radio the other day and I am predicting it will be a hit this summer. Banging beats thats for sure. I couldn’t stop dancing from start to finish.


Alex Gaudino – Destination Calabria

To come: Review of my visit to Focus on Imaging 2007 and The Good Shepherd

6 thoughts on “One to Watch Out For…”

  1. I gotta hand it to you gal, i love that La Chica Bonita song…yeah didn’t feel it in the beginning but now i click to your blog just to listen to it!!

    As you go into hiatus, how but music? you still do your gigs?!

  2. @Aco….utawezana kweli?

    @Couch Tato….hhhmmmm?!

    @kelitu…..with winter comes hibernation. I don’t know what is instore this year. Just watch this blog!

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