Mocha’s View: FOCUS on Imaging 2007 & The Good Shepherd

This is one event I said I wasn’t going to miss this year.

I arrived at the event venue, Birmingham NEC and the queues there were unbelivable. There was a certain amount of chaos, but after what seemed like endless minutes of waiting, all was restored.

I paid for my tickets, registered, queued again to enter the exhibition hall and I was in. First, you grab a bag at the entrance for all the catalogues and pieces of information/samples you will get. My main purpose was to check out various software for photo editing, tripods, tablets and most importantly lenses. There was so much to see and absorb, as it can get abit overwhelming, especially if it your first time. It was obvious that most of the people were professional in this field, but amateurs like myself felt at home.

I saw really cool stuff, but as always, finances come into play.

I sat through a photoshop workshop which was very insightful. There was an aperture workshop too, but I kept missing the start. You had to be there fifteen minutes before it starts to secure a sitting place, as they had macbooks powered up for the workshop.

I was close to walking away with a Wacom Tablet, but my ‘deal searching’ mind won over. So, I left it for another day.

I was disappointed though, just as I was when I visited MacExpo in 2006…… exhibitor was a no show – CANON!!! Why???

Anyway, my bag and two others were getting heavy. My legs and back were beginning to ache and I was hungry. So, after checking out the stands and products I wanted……I left, vowing to return next year with more to look for.

Pics of the day will be posted here.


Moving on…..

…..I went and watched The Good Shepherd the other day.

To be honest, I only watched the trailer (which isn’t much to go by once you see the movie) and didn’t really read up on the movie. I was even surprised that Robert De Niro was the director. Anyway, I didn’t know what to expect. Let’s just say, if you want to think alot as you watch a movie, then this is for you. Usual Suspects, in my opinion, kando. Flashback within a flashback, secret societies, love, betrayal, etc. Matt Damon…..think of Bourne Supremacy where he practically had no lines.

Movie Buff and Couch ‘Tato…..over to you.


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