A WestEnd Story – An Easter Weekend Special (and more)!

Nimerudi……YES! The one and only ‘Licious1 is back.

Wacha tuu….! I haven’t had a break since returning from the Chrissy hols. So, blogging had to be put on the backburner for a while (I mean judging from some of my entries….I deserved to recharge my brain blogging cells). Anyway, not much has happened worth blogging about since then, as my life was just pure ‘daily grinding’ for the most part. That is until the Easter break.

I didn’t know it would be jam packed with activity until text messages stated rolling in on Thursday night. My hols started with four hours of Burnout Revenge on the Xbox. Damn, that game is addictive. Moving on…..

Friday, I attended a charity event for poor kids in India and I won an Easter bunny which I shall pass on to my god-daughter in Nai.

Saturday, woke up early and headed to my pal’s place in London. We arranged to go to the westend for a night of clubbing, but before that we went for the Boat Race in the afternoon. As I was the guide for the day, we ended up walking for half an hour from the nearest tube station just to reach the finish line of the boat race. The walk kinda reminded us how abroad can make us very lazy sods. Yaani, we were panting like mad. At least the beautiful penthouses and apartments built next to the river helped us dream as we walked to our destination. Aki…peeps live large. Until you see it, you dont know how large.

To sum it up…… we reached our destination. While my pals rested, I went to look for the perfect spot to take pics. Settled for the bridge, which was full. Waited for almost twenty minutes before the rowers were visible. Took my snaps. Ran across the bridge to take some more pics and with that the race was over. Lets just say, this is one event that is popular with enthusiasts. Will I attend it next year? I don’t think so. 

During the boat race event, I managed to meet up with a former housemate. This was one of those awkward reunions that reminded me of how we never used to get along coz of her being a slob and manipulative. Although we stayed in touch on and off, I think this is one of those connections you just make contact to be polite. 

Fast/slow forward to the evening where we enjoyed a pub dinner of Steak and Chips before heading on home to change for the night-out. As we got ready, my pal made a comment of how overdressed we would be once we reached the club. Anyone who lives in the UK will know how unpredictable the weather can be, even when the sun comes out. So, we had coats and scarves with us. Chilly nights are a recipe for a cold yaani homa and with spring in the air, hayfever/cold combo can be a nightmare. Rattling on……the visangas started enroute to London.

One of my pals lost her train pass after topping it up with money. Luckily, it wasnt much, but the inconvinience. AND……..Aunty Flo’ decided to show up as we headed out, but I wouldn’t let that spoil my night out with the girls.

A bus and train ride later, we were in the west end of London. Got off at Piccadilly Circus where we were greeted by club information touts (dunno their official name). These are the people who help you choose clubs to go to if you are undecided and they get you discounted pass tickets that are q-jumps. Although we had decided to go to Cafe de Paris, we settled for a club in the Soho area of London called Teatro. We bought our club passes and headed for the club which was a short walking distance from where we got the tickets from. Funny thing about London Clubs, unless you know their locations or are a native of the city, you can easily miss them even with simple directions. Why? The entrances are rarely marked with their names. You will only find out from the door staff or the people queueing outside to get in.

Let me just say, thank God I didn’t look at their website before I went there (my expectations would have changed somewhat). The pics on the site are nothing compared to being there in person. The place is small and has the feel of a ‘posh’ bar that has a Dj rather than a club. On the night, there was a party going on. It was a group of chics in bunny outfits. At first we thought it was a hen night, but we later found out it was a birthday party for one of the girls in group. That was then I saw out how much men love ‘eye-candy’. It was, in my opinion a pathetic sight, seeing men staring at these chics enjoying themselves while they salivated the night away. What a waste of £15!

Anyway, my pals and I bought our drinks and perched ourselves close to the dance floor. Tip: If you on a tight budget and you want to get high, do so before heading out and purchasing drinks in any club in the west end of London. It will end up to be a very expensive night. I had a non-alcoholic fruit punch which was the price of a shot of spirit with a mixer at your local. Do the math.

My pals and I danced the night away to a ‘stop & play’ dj. The music was ok, but the dj made it worse. Talk about not having a proper set. Playing funky house, hip-hop, rnb, soul and chart music all jumbled up is not the way to go. Then a hot floorfiller track like LL Cool J’s Doin’ It being sliced off in the middle is a big no-no. To top it off, music playing favouritism was the order of the night. I won’t go into detail about that one. My life could be at stake.

Then there was a case of grills and lingerie. Talk about video hype and guts. One clique walked in all pimped out and one of the mamis had pink grills. Another clique of chicas decided to make the night a sexy slumber party turned night out……….they wore lingerie to the joint. Either I am getting old or I am not ‘with IT’. Talk bought us being over dressed as my pal said. Unfortunately, I did not see them leave, as I just wanted to know if they wore trench coats like we see on TV. Ironic I know, but this things do happen in real life. Kweli nilijionea!!! 

My pals got plastered and I as the sober one tried to stay awake to make sure we didn’t miss our stop on the night-bus home. Noon or 4am, London is a city that never sleeps. Even at that time of the night there is always traffic and weirdos. Like this dude who actually got off his car thinking I was a chic he met at the club and I was trying to block him. Dude even has his phone out trying to call the number the mami gave him just to prove it was me. How disappointed he must have been? No pudesh for the night….LOL!!!

Sunday morning……..my throat was so sore and coarse, its like someone force fed me gravel. Aki I can’t wait for the smoking ban. And my nose……blocked! Yaani, the day turns out to be so good – sunshine, the works, but my body is letting me down. I wasn’t over and out yet……I went for a BBQ lunch and tried to stay awake until midnight as my hosts drank the day away, but I couldnt take it anymore….so I went to bed.

Monday I was back home, trying to tidy up before the week ahead.

To sum it up……..MY EASTER WAS FAB!

Its good to be back!

Mocha!’s TunePick: Kelly Rowland – Like This


3 thoughts on “A WestEnd Story – An Easter Weekend Special (and more)!”

  1. I hear you on the lazy sods thing. That’s why I purposely chose never to have a car while here. I’d never get any exercise going! I’m lucky my work place is 2.3 miles from the bus stop, so on good days I walk that twice in a day. Makes for a good workout!

    We have a similar boat race event here, the Head of the Charles Regatta, which happens every October. I even have a colleague at work who participates. I’ve never been to one, but I’ve seen the crowds. On that weekend you can’t get a single hotel room anywhere in Boston or its environs.

    Ah, smoking ban made all the difference in Boston clubs. First time I was in a club after the ban and before the realisation hit me I sensed something was different. When I realised it, I saw how much better the scene was. No going home stinking of smoke. But then for one who clubs as rarely as the blue moon appears, that was never much of an issue in the first place.

    Looks like you had quite the weekend.

  2. @egm….i enjoyed myself

    @aegeus….i hope it happens soon. Afterall, it started with airlines, etc. Soon Kenya will be hit with the ‘ban bug’.

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