Slick & Sexy Launch and Video Release

Mark Your Calendars


On March 30th 2007 …….

You all the saw the flyer on my events page……..the one with Redsan on it.

Well, it was the launch of Slick & Sexy. The official name of events being organised and promoted by a collabo of Dj Dubwise and SoundsAlarming around the UK (well, London and its environs – early days yet). So, keep checking back for updates in the event section of my blog.

I attended the launch party and on the night, it rained. That didnt stop the brave ones from venturing out for good night of fun and the launch was a success. Dj Edu as per usual, rocked the crowd with good music (despite what the haters say about him, he is on top of his game). Yours truly was busy being a pap’ since warm-up set was crap.

For pics, check out SoundsAlarming website and click on the launch party flyer. More photos will be uploaded on the Dj Dubwise website. So make sure you check them out and see how we do it here in Brito.

On to other news…

……Levysill has released his first much awaited video for his single ‘Wanataka’ directed by Sir Prestige. He (Levysill) has also appeared on another video with Sandy Lamb and Kid Afrika called Let’s Go Crazy. Kenyans a making their mark, whether you hear of it or not. So, you better recognise!!!

I attended the Ideal Home Show in Earl’s Court, London earlier this month. It was an eye opener. Made me yearn more for a permanent home. Click here for the pictures.

Well…..have a timam weekend people! 😉


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