KENYAN? Proud to be one….or?

We are the most partriot sods I know, but why don’t we help each other when it comes to ‘closer to home’ issues?

Rugby Sevens fever is in the air with coverage from San Diego to Adelaide, but when it comes to giving the fans what they want, the Kenya team lacks alot of ‘something’. Afterall, we (the global fans) support them with all our might, but what do we get in return? I remember last year whilst chatting with one team member (I won’t mention names) about how the Kenyans came out to support the team and they did well by reaching the plate finals at Twickenham. The response I got made me feel like I wasted my time coming out to support the Kenya team, but I was soon reminded that one man’s opinion may not necessarily be the whole team’s. Not recalling the exact words, the response was that of man feeling deflated despite the support the team was getting from their fans. No one likes to be a loser or lose, especially when it comes to something they love and enjoy doing.

So, to any members of the Kenya Rugby Team reading this, please embrace your fans either personally or nationally with several wins (yaani in the finals). Give us something in return for our lost voices after cheering you so hard. Afterall, its not only from Kenyans you are getting love from.

On a personal level, just recently I asked someone (a pro) to give me photography tips/lessons and the best way to do this is on the field. A date was arranged as the person had been hired to do a photography gig. So, I was invited to tag along. Closer to the day, like with any other appointment, I called to confirm that we were still on. The only hitch was the time and place, which would be confirmed the morning of the gig. The day arrived and I was so excited, but no phone calls were forthcoming to confirm our meeting. As I tried to make contact with ‘my tutor’, phones were switched off, etc. To cut the story short, my day was technically wasted by plans that were not forthcoming. What irks me is the fact that one can’t even send a text message to at least apologise for the broken promise. I would have made other plans. Lesson learnt, always have plan B when it comes to Kenyans and ‘socialising’.

And then, why is it when you send money home the still keep asking you for more? You sacrifice a lot, coz someone called you from Kenya asking for funds, only for you to discover the person was seen getting drunk in a bar. And have you discovered that if they called you it is either money or bad news? More to do with money rather than bad news. I recently made contact with an old school mate. The next thing I knew I was getting a lengthy email explaining to me why I should send this person some money. EEEEhhhh, before I came to the picture, how did you get by?

I could go on and on, but I think I have bored you enough. Besides, this is not the first time such has been discussed and worse stories have been told.



Ebu pitia hapa and wish this dude a Happy Birthday if you havent done so! Just to remind him that he will soon be clocking 30, if not 40! LOL!!! 

Mocha!’s TunePick: Mario – How Do I Breathe?


6 thoughts on “KENYAN? Proud to be one….or?”

  1. Sadly I havent seen the team play, I plan to go for L.A sevens next year and will get back on what the team is missing.
    Well as for the money situation, human beings are greedy by nature, if they can get more they shall ask for more. As for long lost pals asking for money, that just plain sucks!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. Ah, I’ll have to do that thing of shadowing a pro. That’s a neat idea. I got my new toy, and I am busy learning about it. I took the marathon pics with it.

    As for money home, my mum told me she had been in touch with a former teacher of mine. When I asked for his number to talk to him, she said knowing Kenyans, he would probably ask me for money, so she thought it best not to have to subject me to that.

  3. @ Mocha!
    I used to think it was only e-mails beginning with “my name is Brother Odulapo” (obviously west african cons after money) that were after money but sadly,… i too gave some friends back home my e-mail address, and since then it’s been “almost” a west african experience….but i understand, it’s cause the poverty back home is so biting
    ps:-hi and welcome back!
    (listening to Ludacris Runaway Love)

  4. I have not had opportunity to see them play so cant comment on that, but on the matter of money i have been there, Good for nothing lazy sods who think funding their drinking or womanizing habits are a hobby of mine. A straight no sets them scampering and besmirching your name but better that than funding them any day!

  5. @Aco….make sure its in LA as this year it was in San Diego. You should go…the atmosphere is electric. As for your B-Day wish… problem.

    @egm….loving your new toy. I am still enjoying mine to the max. Its fun, innit? As for your mum, smart move on her part.

    @Luke….and here I was thinking you have deserted me. Poverty or not, it does not justify you drinking and showing off with my hard earned cash. And then people wonder why you are tight when you check in digs.

    @aegeus…..i agree with you. I would rather my name be tarnished coz I didnt fund your drinking habits.

  6. I am all for supporting the Kenyan Rugby time. They do well considering they have limited resources back at home.

    Support Kenyan!

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