You Know Things Are Thick OR You Are Getting Old…

Mark Your Calendars!

…when you look through your phonebook (in the name of searching for a clande) and end up not making a single phone call.

…when wearing a thong is no longer comfortable.

…when nights out are no longer for pulling the opposite sex. Just you and your pals enjoying a night out.

…when you start to enjoy getting an education. School is no longer a bore.

…when everthing your parents used to say now makes alot of sense. All the worrying when you failed exams or stayed out late.

Ok…..I am bored and didnt know what to blog about. Make it fun and share some of your discoveries.

Mocha!’s Tunepick: Ryan Leslie – Overdose


9 thoughts on “You Know Things Are Thick OR You Are Getting Old…”

  1. mocha, I have also been blank in blogging for kadhaa days.
    anyway you jua when you are old when…you start attending weddings and baby showers for close friends.

    enjoy your weekend

  2. You know what makes me feel old?
    -when I see some young guys thoroughly enjoying some piece of what they call music and at that time my ears are screaming, “stoooop this is torture!!!”
    -yesterday I was telling myself, I can NEVER wear a short sleeved T shirt over a long sleeved one. Looks silly to me.

  3. People who interfere with my public space annoy me!i hate them!i was in the bus in the morning with my mp3 this guy taps me on the shoulder, comes next to me, says “whats ur name my broda” and proceeds to attempt befriending me as we journey-christian charity?african bonding?otherly inclined moral orientations?NO!i don’t care!don’t interfere with my public space!niache!

    (u know u are old when u want people to leave u alone even in public)

  4. – I feel you on the aging thingie, mambo of clandes are no longer worth the drama.
    – At least you have been getting nights out, I have been in the digolos full time.
    – Yes it seems the folks said more sense than we gave them credit for!
    – I do feel you on the blogger’s block sana, it happens to the best and worst of us! Have a nice weekend!

  5. first, how many blogs do you have?

    – you know you’re old when an older person, gets into the bus and when you respectfully stand up to give them the more convenient seat they tell you ‘no, you need it more’.

  6. @3N…aki that is true. Finding out that your peers are parents or in the matrimonial way…while you are still pale pale, kinda makes you feel that way.

    @aizoh….true about the music. Kwanza the craze of speaker phones blaring music,esp. on public transort….AARRGGHHH.

    @Luke….very true!

    @Aco…..clande drama, wacha tuu! Weekend was off the hook!

    @modoathii….i have only two. It would have been three, but shut one down.
    The bus sit incident has never happened to me.

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