KQ, MAN U & BDay

First and foremost, I would to pass my condolences the family and friends of the passengers and crew of the Kenya Airways flight that went down over the weekend. May their souls rest in peace.

We all saw Man U ‘unofficially’ clinch the back the trophy (officially is when the silverware is in their hands) over the weekend when Chelsea drew with Arsenal. Now (before I swallow my words like I did in Aco’s post regarding the UEFA cup)I just hope we beat Chelsea on the remaining two occasions we will be meeting them. To finally silence them once and for all. Leave the top of the table to be battled out between Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool. Ama? Man U fan hapa…over and out!

FOUR days to go and I will be another year older. Do I feel as old as I am? I think so. I look back and see what I have achieved and what I haven’t, I count myself lucky to be where I am today. Looking at the world today, I am better off than most people. Just have to count my blessings each day.


5 thoughts on “KQ, MAN U & BDay”

  1. Sad day for kenyans.

    Now, MAN U: totally agree that we should be battling with real teams like Arsses and liver fools, not over paid prissy sissys! did you see JT crying into JM’s shoulder after the draw (BLISS- grown man crying! especially a chelsea man)

    Haya will be back in 4 days to drink a Tanye!

  2. happy b-day mocha!

    as for ManUseless, I am taking stock of all bloggers who are gleaming this year.

    as soon as this season ends (we will win FA cup), Murihno will be out and next year its back to normal, Chelsea at the top!

  3. @pointy…..tanye chillin’ just for you!

    @egm….you better!

    @aegeus….kweli, nani kama Man U?

    @3N…I wanted to edit your comment lakini I semad zii. Weka list and I will be back next season to see how we faired up. Sawa sore loser(s).

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