Yaani, the hype for this movie is wacha tuu!

Still waiting for Nick aka Couch ‘Tato to leta his maoni regarding this third installment.

Over the long weekend, I went to the movies hoping to catch it, lakini wapi. I had to settle for NEXT starring Nicholas Cage. It had its moments and funny bits.

In a nutshell, that many movie quoters would be proud of:

“The ending really did make you wonder. What happened NEXT?”

Hopefully, I will catch SM3 before the week is over.

Happy Tuesday y’all!


5 thoughts on “SPIDEY 3 (NEXT)”

  1. @Ichiena….let me just say, the cinema goers were kissing their teeth when the film ended. Honestly, it needs the big screen for the wow moments, but I would rather wait for the DVD if you have the proper sound at home. I am going to watch SM3….calm down! šŸ˜€

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