7 ‘Licious Licks!

This ngomongo tagged me, now I have to do the necessary! (Mad luv for you though!! 😉 )

Ok…I will have to cheat and pick a few favourites from this list and elucidate more on them. Its Friday and my thinking cells are on weekend mode!

#1 – I love gadgets – Now that my birthday is around the corner, my pals are keeping mum about mentioning what to get me. I am not the geeky gadget lover ati I know the inside out of a computer and shyte…..no! I just love gadgets over clothes. I find it easier to shop for an electronic item than a pair of shoes (skechers excluded). That’s just me!

#2 – I love skechers – While I am on that subject, I don’t know what it is about this brand that I like. I recently added a pair of white ones that I was longing for. I almost bought another brand, but I was dragged back to my favs. On the last count, my family has grown to 9.

#3 – I love Ice Cream – Winter/Summer, there isnt a season I have kosad ice cream in the freezer. At one point when I ran out, I felt that something was missing in the house. Three days later I had a headache and had to go purchase some. Even if it meant hitting the supermarket in my pjs.

#4 – I am very picky – friends, food, relationships,etc. Food esp. though. If I haven’t tasted it or I pucked it, then it is on the ‘Foods I Don’t Eat’ list. The other day, I was at a pal’s parents house and the meal they prepared had broccoli and cauliflower in it. I picked them from my plate and put them in my pal’s plate without battering an eyelid. Other incident had me asking the ingredients of a range of meals that was being served. I ended up eating what I knew and felt comfortable with. If nothing tickles my fancy…..nitakaa njaa!

#5 – I get bored easily – I think this one is self-explainatory.

#6 – My birthday is coming up soon – yes, I will be celebrating my twenty something year, seeing the big 30 at the end of the twenties tunnel.

#7 – This one is not from the list and will shock quiet a number of you. After three years of not touching alcohol, I succumed and had tequila shots with my pals a week ago. To be honest, for the moment it felt good, but I prefer my teetotal status.

Ala…..saba tuu!!! Sawa….I am going to ‘tapo’ (swahili for the ‘IT’ game) these dudes and dudettes:

#1) Akiey

#2) Kipepeo

#3) Magaidi

#4) Milo

#5) Nakeel

#6) Udi

#7) Msanii_xl

Happy Weekend nyinyi nyote!

Mocha!’s TunePick: Kenny Lattimore – Weekend

15 thoughts on “7 ‘Licious Licks!”

  1. Kwanza angalia gmail inbox…

    #1 The only gadgets I own are computer, camers and phone. Computer isn’t the latest and greatest and phone is a very low end model. Camera is where I have gone all out. I now have 3 of them. The Sony, the Nikon and a waterproof (upto 2 hours in 3m of water) Pentax Optio W30. Hizo zingine kina Ipods, PDAs, GPS, and the likes… zikae!

    #4 Haha, I see we are the opposite on food. The only similarity is that if we’ve both tried it before and not liked it hatutaikula tena. As for rather staying hungry, that’s me and Chinese. I can’t stand it. There’s only one Chinese food restaurant that I can go to bila shida. For all others, hunger is more preferable!

    #7 Teetotaling rocks!

  2. Licious Lovely…
    I see I cudnt skip the tag-bug assi!!
    At least now you are in the realm of chemical warfare (vita kemikale) prior to Milo attempting biological warfare!! *Milo rushes to get the Tequila shots*
    Teetotal ghitu ghani???

  3. that icecream one reminds me that i have been eating that stuff for breakfast this week. Although the temps dropped alot …didnt care
    I’m meeting you on 26th..no? I hope I dnt bore you silly!

  4. Mocha, si lakini it’s maatha to undo chakula when you are a mgeni, angalau you tell them umeshiba ama you are allergic to salt…
    Any way wishing you the best on your up coming b-day, be warming up towards the big 30 before we come that way. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Eeh see we same with the food one spoon is enough to tell you never me.
    You love Skechers am opposite Love Nike and Champion yeah am almost catching you on the number.
    Yaani the tag couldn’t escape me sawa. lol 3N

  6. ha ha at number three…

    Like 3n i might as well go ahead and wish you a happy birthday..

    enjoy the weekend

  7. @egm…..cameras, ipods, nini….lazima mfuko iki kubali! LOL!

    @MILO….ati chemical warfare?? Bring it on! Where will it come from? 😉

    @farmgal….tutakutana thats for sure. Holla at me kando for details (inbox you got mail).

    @3N….aaahhh, bilas. Last time I tried that I was being force fed. Kudos for the wishes…lakini rudi on the day. LOL!!!

    @nakeel…Nike never does it for me. Closest I have come to such labels is Puma or Addidas.


    @Ichy…wacha matusi. Besides, I already have a nyundo – a real one and another a phone call away 😉

  8. I am totally into gadgets as well so I agree with number 1 and number 3 my favoritie is one type they have a Java i think its ‘vanilla toasted almond fudge’ or something like that Yummy.

  9. Now that all the nice niniis are hanging out there – who started this tag thing? We should shika them and string them up by whatever hurts the most hehheheheh!!

    1, 3, 4, 5, 6, guilty 7 mimi teetotaller! Very well written just a hint of the Mocha has been revealed.

  10. Good to see there’s more gadget peoples here:)! They must have had the likes of you in mind when they made those huge electronic stores,lol!
    #5…somehow never gets to me, donnoh why. There’s always something am getting myself into to occupy my time.

    Naona nimetagiwa, hehe, will most def make time to do a 7 list thingy soonest.

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