RUGBY SEVENS (UK) – The Final Leg(s)

The Rugby Sevens season is among us once again. Come out and support our boys. Click here for more info.

London dates are 26 and 27 May

Edinburgh dates are 2 and 3 June

Click this link for last year’s chant and atmosphere. This is one tournament you wouldn’t want to miss!!!

Kenyans will be supporting from the NorthWest stand (see stadium diagram below) at Twickenham.

Since Edinburgh is new to us….the support point will be decided on arrival of the venue I suppose.



Twickenham Stadium diagram courtesy of

As for the after parties, click the flyers below for more details.

rugby-26-may.jpg   rugby-27-may.jpg   rugby-scotland-07.jpg

Now for those who wanted chilled tuskers, here they are. For those who will be around for rugby, you will definately be holding one (plenty) of these in your hand(s). TUONANE HUKO (farmgal, umesikia???)


Happy Tuesday peoples!

Edit 17/05/07: I am and word is spreading….Advance African Forum,, mashada, misterseed ……


20 thoughts on “RUGBY SEVENS (UK) – The Final Leg(s)”

  1. Hi Mocha. How much for the Tuskers? I was to miss this event due to lack of company but….doo!… nacome solo…looks to be a sawa one! Need to dust off my rugby Tsho and cap! See you there folks!

  2. @Phassie….will do!!
    @malaika…tokea! You will pata company huko vile watu huwa in a merry mood. See you there! 😉
    @westy….i dunno how you can get the rugby shirts. I suggest you tafuta one with anything to do with Kenya.
    @Anon….No problem. The tickets are £10 for each day. As for the gigs, details on the flyers above.

  3. Ji-enjoy videadly!! Sisi hapa kwenye Jamhuri tunasubiri kwenda kuhudhuria na kushangilia timu yetu ya Kenya katika Tusker Safari Sevens mwezi ujao.

    LOL @ Farmgal holding a Tusker in her hand. Si a Tusker tisho will be enough for her? Ama a ginger ale in a Tusker plastic cup?

  4. @Archer….Aki I will haribika like there is no tomorrow. Pics na footage kama kawaida.

    @aegeus…….sawa! 😉

    @modoathii… lewaing for me. Pole I dont drink! Lakini I will have fun for those who will be there in spirit. 😉

  5. archer my dear ati farmgal with a tusker what?
    heheheh that will be the day!
    Will be there full swing with about ten peeps from Gloucester..I just wish I could make Scotland ..nitaangalia

    See you all there!

  6. @aco….will do and of course!!!

    @farmgal….i will kuja with handcuffs!! I tie myself to you until you kubali to kuja Scotland.

    @egm….kama kazi! 😉

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