Here are my ‘7’ reasons…

…why I blog.

Thanks to the couch, whether I was on the bench or not, I have to do this tag.

Mine has a different twist to it, but its something you are used to. So, click play, sit back and enjoy (I hope). Listen to the end – all shall be revealed! 😉


So, you know what to do….AAAIIIGGHHHTTT!!!!

p.s. Happy Birthday Bro!

For rugby info, click here.


14 thoughts on “Here are my ‘7’ reasons…”

  1. Nice podcast! But siongei!!!!!!!!!!! I am bila mike and I am yet to hone my voice to perfection but in the meanwhile, nitaandika tag! Have a nice weekend and get more pics for the people……..

  2. Hee, madam, yaani umeniweka spotlight hivyo? Haya, I decided to go one up better. Check kwangu for details.
    As for that blokers block… 🙂
    Nyce weekend!

  3. mocha and your sweeet voice, thanks for the podcast… and I must say I enjoyed and chekad a lot

    very articulate, now I am preparing my ‘husky jamaa voice’ for my own podcast.

    enjoy your weekend too

    akina archer, ageus, farmgal si you have been tagged – there is no bell, we are eagerly waiting

  4. wow!!

    That voice is kidogo hypnotizing … thanks 4 doing this … now i just have to kaza am not guswad coz hii ni pressure mbaya mboff!

  5. ZZZzzzz!…what…what…i’m awake. nimeamka…hahaha…sike. msichana mwenye sauti laini na nyororo…eish, asali mummy. nice podcast…origino…lakini paka ulimi salaiva…kuteleza.

    n u said the name exactly as it is supposed to be said…

    sa, si you do a podcast of you crying…ManU wapi?…eh, rosy red faced alex ferguson…alijua ndio alivaa rose. hahaha.

  6. Darnd head phones!!!! *Getting them off….Hurling them at the waiting mud floor….standing up…. Wait…I think I have something?….Draaat!! Zip!! Nada!…..Stomping on them like a lost cock roach!!*
    Groupie alert….

  7. @mimi pekee…..thanks!

    @aco…..PARTY POOPER!!! And you wonder why I mentioned you first. Ebu do hivyo. Wacha mathogothanyo! 😀

    @egm….yours was just nasty nutters!!!! LOL!

    @3N….your are welcome. More hopefully later. Holla when yours is up.

    @mwangi…..aahh wee wacha! Sasa I am hypnotizing peeps how?


    @mamashady……try again and get back to me!

    @modoathii……origino kabisa. For a change, ama? As for a ManU losing podcast….watch this space!


    @bantutu…..pole boss. Cheap things are not good. Sasa groupie alert ni ya nini??? 😉

  8. Trepidation. Fear. Dizziness. Nausea.

    I think those describe the emotions that engulfed my body when I heard you call out my name…whhhhhhyyyyy? Now I have never done a podcast and si you jua I love a challenge. Let’s see what we can do.

    Aegeus…heheheh. I once asked him to pronounce it himself, hehe.

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