The Noise Maker

The Noise Maker
Originally uploaded by Mocha!.

Rugby info over here!

The countdown to Rugby Sevens Twickenham is well under way.

This is one of the noise makers that will aid people to chant ‘HATUTA PIGA KELELE’. How ironic huh???

My firimbi is being dusted off and tested out for loudness and sound quality. Just hope the neighbours don’t call the cops.

Farmgal (who is already in) and other UK bloggers….how about a meet-up at the stands?

Happy Tuesday peoples!


12 thoughts on “The Noise Maker”

  1. piga hiyo kitu kabisaaaaaa! kuna vile sasa kenya haiwezi lala. na tukilala wacha at least tuwe na number one supporters. tukilala mtaona…


  2. @batutu……naona! What is this fetish you have with my kaleggie.
    @farmgal……me too!!
    @pointi…..unbelievable! Even the atmosphere does nothing for you? I will shika a tusker just for you in that case.
    @modoathii…..i know. We will keep up with the tradition of being the best supporters in the world – Sevens circuit.
    @egm…..aaiii, bado! You would have known. Look out for the updates in June.

  3. Piga kelele for me cos I am envious of you seeing that you shall have the devine privelege of watching Rugby at its rightful home the hallowed ground of Twickenham

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